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The aims of the group report are: For students to conduct a vertical, horizontal and ratio analysis of a listed Australian company. For students to interpret and explain in written form the three year performance of a company based on the vertical, horizontal and ratio analysis, and other relevant factors that become evident when analysing the company’s annual reports. For students to work collaboratively and constructively together to produce a group report which is superior to an individual report because of positive group processes. Useful information This report consists of a full financial analysis and assessment of a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. This is a group task. Groups are a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 people. This means that you must work constructively in a group. Your group performance mark will be moderated based initially on the lecturer’s observation of how well you are prepared, and how well you contribute to the overall group process and output. You will also be peer rated by your other group members following submission of your completed report – this is compulsory. The peer rating document must be individually completed and emailed separately to the lecturer by each student on the same day that the group submits their assignment. If you do not do this, your personal group participation mark will be zero, because your non-compliance confirms that you did not undertake appropriate group collaboration and input. Instructions Choose 2-3-other students and form your group to work on this assessment task. If you have not formed a group by week 5, your lecturer will allocate you to a group. Select a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange to use as the basis of your analytical report. It is suggested that the Company that is selected is from an industry with which the group is familiar with. Develop a written report that contains: An Executive summary (The first page of your report – one page maximum, double spaced) It is essential that you obtain the JCU resource that describes what ‘a report’ is, and then demonstrate that you are able to comply with it. Contents page Introduction and explanation of the business and any important contextual information that assists in understanding the financial data you are analysing and presenting. (brief but sufficient to provide context) Discussion and critical analysis of financial statements and accompanying material in the context of the particular business and economy, competitors, and any other relevant information and data that enhance understanding of the business’s financial situation. In this section you will draw on the analysis you have undertaken, details of which will be in the appendices of your report. Conclusion about the financial performance and position of the business, how you see its likely future performance and any other relevant conclusion supported by your analysis and discussion. An appendix containing details of your analysis. Depending on which analytical tools you choose to use, this could include vertical and horizontal analysis, and ratios analysing the business’s liquidity, working capital management, solvency, capital structure and gearing, profitability and efficiency and market performance and other relevant areas that you discuss in the body of your report, trend analysis and so on. An appendix of the three core financial statements for the years that are analysed. If helpful, an appendix containing other relevant material that enhances your analysis and discussion Bibliography in proper academic format using APA conventions (if you are unsure of how to do this, please consult the library guides)
Report length should be no more than 2000 words, not including the Executive Summary, Appendices, or Bibliography


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