Underline the stress (the strongest syllable) on the words below e.g. syllable:… 1 answer below »

To introduce some of the areas covered on the course To demonstrate your awareness of language and ability to access reference information about language. To demonstrate an awareness of language learning To demonstrate your competence in written English You will need to do some research:- For grammar – a grammar reference book or online resource. For pronunciation and vocabulary – a LANGUAGE LEARNERS dictionary- online or hardcopy. Include a list of the resources you used to help you with this task
1. Pronunciation
A. Underline the words that have the same vowel sound as the vowel sound in know: /??/
how though role motivate encourage laugh conditional scenario hopeful comb
B.Underline the stress (the strongest syllable) on the words below e.g. syllable:
quarter career division residence requirement admission applicant recorder cassette undo
2. Grammar
A. Mark the underlined words in the sentence below with the appropriate abbreviation (n=noun, v=verb, adj=adjective, adv=adverb):
Native speakers rarely know the grammatical terms used to analyse their language.
B. Look at the verbs underlined in the following incorrect sentences and:
a) correct the sentence
b) name the correct tense
c) briefly indicate the meaning of the correct tense
e.g. I write a letter at the moment
a) I’m writing a letter at the moment
b) Present continuous
c) To describe an action happening now
1) I’m in Indonesia since last year
2) I’m tired. I think I go home.
3. Vocabulary
In two or three sentences demonstrate the difference between the following pairs of similar words. Keep in mind you are speaking to an adult learner of English. The ‘explanation’ should not be more complex than the target vocabulary.
rob/steal slim/skinny
c) borrow/lend
4. Errors
Identify and give possible reasons for the errors in the following examples:
e.g. He goed to the beach. Should be He went to the beach.
The learner has tried to make a regular past tense form with an irregular verb.
He live in Fremantle.
Like you chocolate?
The English is a difficult language.
I’m not liking this hot weather.
5. Language Teaching
Outline what you believe to be the qualities of a good language teacher and why you think you are suitable for this profession. Please write between 200 and 250 words.


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