Use the template provided, as other formats will not be accepted for these assignments….

Download this document to your desktop, type your answers in the spaces provided and save your work regularly. • Use the template provided, as other formats will not be accepted for these assignments. • Name your file as follows: Studentnumber_SubjectCode_Submissionnumber (e.g. 12345678_CIVMB_Submission1). • Include your student ID on the first page of the assignment. Before you submit your work, please do a spell check and proofread your work to ensure that everything is clear and unambiguous. The written assignment This assignment is split into 14 Tasks, over 2 Sections. To finish the written assignment, you must complete all 14 tasks. The information and data needed to complete Sections 1 and 2 is presented in case studies at the beginning of those sections. Word count The word count shown with each question is indicative only. You will not be penalised for exceeding the suggested word count. Please do not include additional information which is outside the scope of the question. Additional research When completing the Client Information Collection Tool in Appendix 1, assumptions are permitted, although they must not be in conflict with the information provided in the case study. You may also be required to source additional information from other organisations in the finance industry to find the right products or services to meet your client’s requirements or to calculate any service fees that may be applicable. Page 3 of 21 Submitting the written assignment Only Microsoft Office compatible written assignments submitted in the template file will be accepted for marking by Kaplan Professional Education. You need to save and submit this entire document. Do not remove any sections of the document. Do not save your completed assignment as a PDF. The written assignment must be completed before submitting it to Kaplan Professional Education. Incomplete written assignments will be returned to you unmarked. When you submit your written and oral assignment in KapLearn, the File submissions box will list the maximum size for new files and the maximum number of attachments. Once you submit your written assignment for marking you will be unable to make any further changes to it. You are able to submit your written assignment earlier than the deadline if you are confident you have completed all parts and have prepared a quality submission. Please refer to the Assignment submission/resubmission instructions (pdf) in the Assessment section of KapLearn for details on how to submit your written assignment. Your Written Assignment and Oral Assignment must be submitted together on or before your due date. Please check KapLearn for the due date. The written assignment marking process You have 12 weeks from the date of your enrolment in this subject to submit your completed written assignment. If you reach the end of your initial enrolment period and have been deemed Not Yet Competent in one or more assessment items, then an additional 4 weeks will be granted, provided you attempted all assessment tasks during the initial enrolment period. Your assessor will mark your written and oral assignment and return it to you in the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking (CIVMBv4) subject room in KapLearn under the ‘Assessment’ tab. Make a reasonable attempt You must demonstrate that you have made a reasonable attempt to answer all of the questions in your written assignment. Failure to do so will mean that your assignment will not be accepted for marking; therefore you will not receive the benefit of feedback on your submission. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be notified. You will then have until your submission deadline to submit your completed written assignment. How your written assignment is graded Written assignment tasks are used to determine your ‘competence’ in demonstrating the required knowledge and/or skills for each subject. As a result, you will be graded as either competent or not yet competent. Page 4 of 21 Your assessor will follow the below process when marking your written assignment: • Assess your responses to each question, and sub-parts if applicable, and then determine whether you have demonstrated competence in each question. • Determine if, on a holistic basis, your responses to the questions have demonstrated overall competence. You must be deemed competent in all assessment items in order to be awarded your qualification, including demonstrating competency in: • all of the exam questions • the written and oral assignment. ‘Not yet competent’ and resubmissions Should sections of your assignment be marked as ‘not yet competent’ you will be given an additional opportunity to amend your responses so that you can demonstrate your competency to the required level. You must address the assessor’s feedback in your amended responses. You only need amend those sections where the assessor has determined you are ‘not yet competent’. Make changes to your original submission. Use a different text colour for your resubmission. Your assessor will be in a better position to gauge the quality and nature of your changes. Ensure you leave your first assessor’s comments in your written assignment, so your second assessor can see the instructions that were originally provided for you. Do not change any comments made by a Kaplan assessor.


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