Violation of Human Rights Philosophy

Violation of Human Rights Philosophy

ESU Midterm Case- 5 points


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You are at your agency and in the early part of the first meeting with Mr. M. Demographic information in his file indicates he is a 38-year old, white male, who is a practicing Catholic. He grew up in a family of 5 living in a trailer in a small town in Central PA. He works as a mechanic and loves cars. He likes to gamble when he has extra money. Mr. M is overweight and diabetic. He has been taking insulin everyday since being diagnosed about 10 years ago.


You have introduced yourself, discussed any policy concerns, discussed informed consent (including confidentiality, fees etc.), suggested a tentative purpose for the meeting, and described how he could actively participate in the process.


You begin the session by asking him an open-ended exploratory question, “Mr. M, I have read your file and would like to hear from you, in your words, what brings you here?” He responds, “I am facing criminal charges for child molestation”.  He added, “I lived with the girl and her mother for more than a year. I paid the rent, the utilities, and bought most of the food. I thought things were fine. Now they have a restraining order against me. I can’t even talk with them about this.”


Before you respond, you are keeping in mind social work values, the Code of Ethics, importance of being culturally sensitive and what you are learning about being professional. You know it is important to be self-aware so you do not impose your values on the client. You start to examine what is going on in your own mind.


Critical Thinking: Describe what is going through your mind when he shares this information. What are you thinking? What questions do you have? What stereotypes are floating in your mind? (125-150 words).                                                                                                                                  _________/2.5


You then continue the conversation by:

  1. Reflect the content and feelings in his response
  2. Write an open-ended question to get Mr. M talking


Mr. M responds to your open-ended question by saying, “I don’t know why she said that. I did not do those things. It really hurts me. I’ve been good to her and her mother. I have a job and go to church every Sunday.  She’s just lying and I don’t know why. Maybe she is just jealous.”


  1. Reflect the content and feelings in his response and GO BEYOND the words he said
  2. Seek clarification concerning his message


Each response is worth .5 points                                                                               _________/2.5


Total:                                                                                                                           ________/5


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