vulnerabilities of utilizing open sourced cloud based services

9. Proposed Integrated IT Solution Description

IT assets refer to any company-owned hardware, system, and information that is useful in the course of business activities. The management of the IT assets is important during the project since it ensures security to the IT infrastructure. The project IT asset management will involve gathering the inventory of network, software and hardware assets then the use of that information in making an informed business decision on IT redistribution. The paper aims to illustrate the proposed integrated IT solution description and project risk priorities.

Software: Software assets managements emphasize various aspects of software assets such as installed endpoint, versions and licenses. The IT managers will ensure that the suitable software containing valid licenses are installed during the upgrade process (Kwak and Stoddard). Software asset management is essential in the license’s redistribution and management of legal risk due to software expiration and ownership.

Hardware: It involves the management of physical components of IT infrastructure such as computer networks and computers. The common practices are disposal and redeployment management, lifecycle management, procurement management, and approval process (Sisco). It is vital to gather financial information relating to the hardware lifecycle to assist in making decisions.

Network: The network needs to be protected from unauthorized access and any malicious attack. In this case, the principle of the Least Privilege can provide a means of controlling access to the network. The new system should restrict how user access inventory and assets (Aminu).

Security: IT asset management play a vital in the overall security strategy of an organization. Security teams can use the asset management report to identify outdated hardware and software which can put an organization at risk. Notably, the information can assist in fighting against any possible ransomware attacks like WannaCry which mainly targets outdated operating systems.

Management: It is crucial for the IT administrators to have information about the available IT assets such as the available assets, where they are and their usage (Aminu). For instance, the IT administrators should know the number of PCs ordered. An organization should use the appropriate methodology of acquiring, deploying and tracking information technology equipment.

13. Project Risk Priorities

Operational Risks: the operational risk are lacks of understanding of assets’ design range of operations and inherent capabilities of the assets. Fundamentally, some assets are adversely affected when operating either above or below the design range (Sisco). For instance, some operating systems may crash if incompatible programs or applications are run. Methods of overcoming this issue are the understanding of how the assets should run, understanding how operating above or below the design range affects the assets and understanding the mitigation of risks when working outside the design ranges.

Development Risks: various risks are related to the migration of inventory and assets management to digital form. They include the potential for sudden growth in requirement, employee turnover, productivity issue, and technical risks (Kwak and Stoddard). For instance, the software developers may take critical information with him/her when he or she leaves thus the information may reach the wrong hands. The sudden growth in requirement occurs when there are new requirements in the project which were not anticipated earlier.

Project Controls: It deals with the gathering of data, management of data and analytical processes which are intended to assist in understanding, predicting and influencing cost and time of the IT Asset Management Upgrade project. Project controls are essential in decision making (Kwak and Stoddard). However, the gathering of inaccurate data on cost and time may affect the successful completion of the project.

The section above is the part that you did for for the last assignment. Now, Look into vulnerabilities of utilizing open sourced cloud based services.

One item in particular, would be the Spice-works Cloud Services requires the domain controllers admin credentials which for some is a huge security issue.

See if you can’t find any articles/posts about the risks or vulnerabilities of using open source and Spiceworks Open Source Information Technology Assist Management System.

Please relate the Spice-works to the sections and let me know if you have more questions


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