week 6 journal

Please Google “focus groups” of “focus group facilities” for any major city, preferably a major city near where you live. For example, you might search for:

  • Providence focus groups, Providence focus group facilities
  • Charlotte focus groups, Charlotte focus group facilities
  • Miami focus groups, Miami focus group facilities
  • Denver focus groups, Denver focus group facilities

Your search results will likely include the following:

  • Companies that operate focus group facilities in that city
  • Online directories of focus group facilities in that city
  • Ways to become a focus group participant in that city

I’d like you to read about at least two focus group companies/facilities that service the city you specified. For this week’s Journal writing assignment, I’d like you to demonstrate that you’ve extended your knowledge about focus groups, the companies that conduct them, and the facilities at which they take place. Possible questions that you might choose to address:

  • What services do focus group companies provide?
  • What features of their facilities to they specifically mention on their website?
  • How do they recruit participants to a focus group?
  • How much does it cost to conduct a focus group; how much do participants get paid?
  • Do they offer specialty focus groups such as “mock trials” or food testing?

How to demonstrate that you’ve extended your knowledge?

  • Write an interesting and compelling summary of what you discovered
  • Provide links to (or embed images from) the web site pages from which you learned something
  • Make strong and obvious connections to Chapter 5 in the textbook (Qualitative Research)


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