What I Have Gained from The Course Essay

What I Have Gained from The Course Essay

Content Requirements

This essay will be the natural conclusion to your first essay, which described what you hoped to gain from this course. In this final essay, you will explain what you feel you have gained from this course that has beeor will be beneficialExplain how you expect the new understanding and perspectives you have gained will be of benefit to you (or others) in your future life, whether in your career, professional or interpersonal relationships, world travel, personal growth, personal religiouquest,

In addition, be sure to address the Islam section of the course somewhere in your paper, explaining how your understanding of Islam may have changed and how this might be of benefitYour essay must clearly demonstrate that you watched the Islam videos.You must fulfill all objectives of the essay to receive an A grade.

No quotesparaphrases ,or outside references are allowed. this is a personal reflection paper, writing in the first person will be necessary.You should still avoid using second person pronounsBecause of the brevity of this essay, you should not usresearch paper format with specific in troduction paragraph and conclusion paragraphwhich is not appropriate for short paper.

WarningsDo not simply write a bunch of things you have learned, as this will not fulfill the essay objectives. Write about what has been of benefit and how, and what will be beneficial in the future and how.You cannot pass the course without submitting this 800word (minimum) essay, no matter how high your grade may be.

Format Requirements You must

use double line spacing(double line leading)1″ marginsleft alignment(left justification)and 12point standard font(not cursive, etc.)Use appropriate paragraph divisionsindenting the first line. Dnot add a line between paragraphsPrint on one side of the paper only. The essay must be a minimum of 800 words,nocounting the cover page.

There is no maximum length restriction, but you must avoid redundancy and “filler” verbiage.Include a cover page with the following information: your name, the course name, the instructor’s name, the date, and the exact word count of the main section(not including cover page words).This info should be centered horizontally ont he cover sheet, beginning 2″ below the top of the page, using 12 point font size.Warning: Falsifying the word count is academic dishonesty, which cannot be tolerated.Be sure to edit well for grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Also be sure to save the file on your computer and back it upon an external drive or flash drive.If another copy is needed, you must be able to produce one later.

*** Islam video to include in the paper ***

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