Will large parts of Earth be too hot for people in 50 years Article

Will large parts of Earth be too hot for people in 50 years Article

Ask a new question – Studypool * | I EDUKAN Online College Courses x Topic: Module 1 Discussion Х + – X. х Х EDUCAN f с edukan.instructure.com/courses/4562/discussion_topics/98439?module_item_id=476912 EK = BI100 Principles of Biology – Haas (a) FA2154 > Discussions > Module 1 Discussion EDUKAN Fall 2021 Session 4 : G Home Announcement This is a graded discussion: 22 points possible due Oct 18 010 293 S 2 8 Module 1 Discussion Eh Syllabus © Modules 1. Pick an article that pertains to science and provide the link to the article. 2. Summarize the article in a few sentences. 3. Tell us if you think discovery science or experimental science is being used. Also, explain what you are basing your decision on. Grades Na People Search entries or author Unread 1 ✓ Subscribe Collaborations Chat s Reply Get a Tutor Daniela Anguiano-fierro Wednesday O Type here to search a 12:10 PM 10/18/2021 EDUKAN Online College Courses X DELAM Topic: Module 1 Discussion к Х + Х – х f с i edukan.instructure.com/courses/4562/discussion_topics/98439?module_item_id=476912 : Daniela Anguiano-fierro EK Fall 2021 Session 4 Wednesday EDUCAN Home Announcement S O Syllabus https://www.sciencenews.org/article/jaguars-brazil-wetland-huge-numbers-fish-hunt-playe Jaguars, live in a wide range of habitats that range from North American desserts to grasslands and tropical rainforests in Central and South America, usually hunt on land as loners. They’re also found in Pantanal. Researchers from Oregon State University in Coravallis started a project to understand about the jaguars biology and its population status. From 2014 to 2018, the team used 59 cameras to capture almost 1,500 videos of jaguars. The scientists also captured 13 jaguars and equipped them with GPS or radio-tracking collars to learn more about their population density, travels, and social interactions. The team came up with 138 scat samples, 55 percent had fish remains in them, 46 percent contained aquatic reptiles, and 11 percent contained mammal remains. Modules 000 Eh Grades © People Collaborations I think this article is discovery science because they’re discovery about jaguars and their population and their remaining. Chat Reply Get a Tutor Heather Blackburn Thursday That’s a very interesting article. Jaguars are very fascinating animals would be an amazing job!! Thanks for sharing! 5 Reply O Type here to search DI a 12:56 PM 10/18/2021 EDUKAN Online College Courses X LEAN Topic: Module 1 Discussion к x + 9 U Х х f с edukan.instructure.com/courses/4562/discussion_topics/98439?module_item_id=476912 EK Fall 2021 Session 4 https://www.usnews.com/news/news/articles/2021-10-13/australia-plans-lunar-rover-to-help-nasa-find-oxygen-on- moon EDUCAN Home Announcement S Australia is building a semi-autonomous lunar rover to send to Mars to find oxygen. This launch is not scheduled until 2026. They will extract oxygen for soul to be used for future missions to Mars. O Syllabus I believe this is discovery science because they have already confirmed there is oxygen rich soil they just need to build the rover and equipment to extract the oxygen. Modules 000 Reply Eh Grades © People Collaborations Kimberly Munoz Thursday Chat 1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sciencenews.org/article/jupiter-giant-planet-orbit-white-dwarf-star-solar- system-future/ampu Get a Tutor 2. A new planet is the first ever discovered that is orbiting a white dwarf and resembles Jupiter in both its mass and its distance from its star. The new plant is about one to two time massive as Jupiter. A white dwarf is what starts like the sun become after they have exhausted their nuclear fuel. It’s estimated that our sun will turn into a white dwarf in 7.8 billion years from now. 3. I think this article is discovery science because a new plant was discovered orbiting a white dwarf. Reply O Type here to search a 12:56 PM 10/18/2021


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