Working with the Customer

Working with the Customer

This week we reviewed changing business environments and the importance of staying ahead of the competition. One tool that we reviewed this week is using customer relations to understand how we must position our business. The lecture discusses the importance of embracing our customers. Review the lecture material before completing the following three questions in 2 pages.

Q1- How can we work with customers to increase customer satisfaction while making our organization more effective and efficient?

Q2- What tools (Example MFA) can be used to measure customer value and how should these results be factored into the decision-making process?

Q3- Please provide an example of how your organization or a business you are familiar with promotes and builds customer value?

Part B

Watch Video for this case study questions

“Innovation through Design Thinking” (Links to an external site.) video this week discuss how Deutsche bank has used design thinking to best position their business for current and future success @

You can also incorporate the concepts from this week’s “Lean Driven Innovation” chapter 6 reading. In 4 pages, excluding the cover and reference pages, please answer the following four questions.

Q1- How did Deutsche bank use design thinking to address customer needs?

Q2- How can you incorporate the same concepts/principles into your own organization?

Q3- Explain how prototype and end-user testing can be incorporated to ensure innovation success

Q4- Sustaining innovation is equally essential to ensure business growth. Through our studies this week and your own internet research, how can your organization or a business you are familiar with ensuring that they are sustaining innovation?

Note: Please answer as Q1,Q2, …… for part A and Part B. Minimum three references in each sections with their URL addresses.


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