write a 6 8 pages essay about myself

You are to write an ethical analysis of yourself, up to the point when you entered college. I want you to do two things: first, describe your moral/ethical development by choosing 3-4 specific virtues or characteristics which were central to your ethical identity when you entered college (these should be the guiding themes of your essay; and I’ve provided you with a list of virtues to help spur your thinking). Describe how you acquired these traits and be sure not to leave out important influences on your development; including people (such as guardians, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, etc.), institutions (for example, educational or religious), or any other event(s) that had an influence on your development. Second, explain why the characteristics you have chosen should be considered virtues (note: the word virtue can be roughly translated as ‘human excellence’, so I want you to explain why the characteristics you have chosen as ethical descriptors are in fact excellences of character for human beings). The general goal in this assignment is to create a vivid portrait of who you were at that point.

No one will see your essays but me. For this part of your autobiography, aim for an essay about 6-8 pages in length. It should be typed, double-spaced, and have one inch margins throughout. Additionally it should be well organized (i.e. have an introduction, a logically developed body, and a conclusion) and coherent. You should also be proofreading your papers, checking for spelling and grammar. Make sure it has page numbers and a cover page on it before you turn it in.
Please keep in mind that you are not being graded on your life. You will be graded on the quality of your writing and your ability to clearly articulate the virtues/characteristics that were central to your identity at that point in your life.


1 characteristic; dont afraid of the challenge

I am an international student, come abroad alone, study to do things by myself

2 a bit shy

Afraid to make new friends, first year stay in the school campus and have a united roommate but have no communication with. Break up

3. warm hearted

Have a Chinese roommate. Try my best to help him and forgive the small things he did to me. Something as he asks me for the money for just put some package in her room for three months’ rent fee.

Take the food to him when I am eating outside.

These are the three specific characteristics I have you need to write an essay focus on the three characteristics. You need to mention what does those characteristics make my life change such as what summarized.


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