Write a review of Brooks Brothers one of America’s oldest and successful retailers that have adopted a servant leadership philosophy.

Brooks Brothers is one of America’s oldest and successful retailers that have adopted a servant leadership philosophy. The company has upheld the same traditions and values for nearly two centuries, which led customers to consider them to be more than just a store. Brooks Brothers believe that ”social purpose is the hallmark of a successful company. ”Claudio Del Vecchio, Chairman  & CEO). Their mission is to enhance the live both within and beyond the communities they serve. In building with their community, Brooks Brothers have partnered with local, national, and internal non-profit organizations related to men’s, women’s, and children’s health issues as well as education and arts. In addition to, Men’s warehouse a retail apparel that can be comparable to Brooks Brothers in profitability, both with high revenues and unit sales. According to Yahoo Finance, ”Men’s Wearhouse’s main focus remains on the integration of its business with Jos. A. Bank Clothiers. It achieved cost savings of more than $30 million by the end of 3Q14. It notes that it is “well ahead” of its target of $15 million by the end of this fiscal year.” Delivering a servant leadership philosophy does indeed make a significant difference in the company’s performance. Collaborating with other organizations (non-profit), shows customers and employees that successful businesses can unite with smaller companies to build a foundation, not just for dollars but to help others. It is important for outsiders to see the benefits successful organizations can deliever to their community.  Yahoo Finance. (2014). Men’s Wearhouse 4Q14 results. Retrieved from:   This week’s reading ”Leaders, Too, Need Support” mainly centers on leaders should provide great support to their followers, building a two-way relationship, and be mindful that leaders have their own human frailties. This article helped me to view myself in the role of a supportive follower as a superior. A superior hold and deliver strong leadership skills to others. While, those who perceives these leadership abilities will grasp and deliever, in which will help build a heavy and powerful team. A true leader help and support building other great leaders. A challenge that I have with this concept is weakness or lack of energy. A leader have to feel that they can trust their team. Leaders cannot do everything on their own, so they look to rely on their team. A team that carries confidence, a strong mind, creativeness, and ambition will gain huge trust and support from their leader. By overcoming this challenge, I will be around my employees more so I can sense how they are as an employee and individual. It helps on getting to know and build with your employees. I want to get to know my employee well enough to determine who can work under pressure, dedicated, communicates effectively, and have great time management skills. All these factors comes into place when building an effective team. Peterson, S. (2014, March 11). . Retrieved fro


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