You have become aware of the pending societal impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)…. 1 answer below »

You have become aware of the pending societal impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It has
been widely documented that roughly 50% of all existing jobs will become obsolete. Of the remaining
50%, 100% of these will be transformed by varying degrees. It is expected that there will be a large degree
of people affected across all walks of life.
You and your team is required to:
1. Select one of the 4 IR related technologies from the prescribed list and have it approved by your
lecturer (see previous email relating to this).
2. Conduct in depth research into what that technology is and what it is not.
3. Report on the current state of that technology (i.e. by when should it be impacting our lives, how,
4. Provide a special report on how it will impact us here in South Africa, and/or the Western Cape
and/or Cape Town. Where possible include an impact analysis on your current organisation
(business impact). What opportunities will it bring?
5. Design a survey in which you will conduct a community awareness survey / interview of at least
100 candidates in your groups immediate social, family, business circles.
a. The survey wishes to extract their demographic info (see point g below)
b. Their awareness of the technology that your group is researching
c. Their awareness of the impact of the technology on their lives, communities, etc.
d. Their view of the impact being positive or negative
e. Create the survey in google forms, and submit the results in google forms and grant your
lecturer rights to view the form (
f. Utilise appropriate survey design techniques. Use Lickert scales and dropdown boxes on
your digital survey where appropriate to minimize the inaccurate capturing of data
g. Please include the following demographic questions: please note that this information is
purely for research/academic purposes.
1. Email address, 2. What is your Nationality?, 3. How would you classify yourself as?
(Race for statistical purposes), 4. Gender, 6. Highest Level of Education?, 7. Marital
Status?,8. Employment Status?, 9. How many years have you been working?
6. Summarise your findings of the data collected, present some highlights.
7. Where possible, correlate your findings with any other available studies or authors, etc. If none
are available then state that in your report and briefly illustrate where you went about looking for
such information
8. Provide recommendations to communities to prepare for the impacts/opportunities that this
technology will present.
9. Provide an individual reflection per group member of what you learnt during this assignment.


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