You will need to write a critical literature review based on the list of topics provided to you…. 1 answer below »

A critical review of literature should help you as a researcher get familiar with the relevant knowledge related to topic area of interest.
Assessment brief
You will need to write a critical literature review based on the list of topics provided to you. Once you have chosen your topic, you will need to refine the topic further and find a suitable context to address for your literature review. This process will require you to define your problem statement.
For example, if you were to choose topic “Workplace diversity”, you will need to ask yourself the following:
1. What specific aspect of workplace diversity am I focusing on? Gender? Ethnicity?
2. How is this specific aspect of workplace diversity a relevant problem/issue/topic of discussion today?
Your critical literature review should cover the following:
1. Introduction
• Describe the background of the research. Why is your topic so relevant to business organizations today?
• Describe the purpose of your critical literature review. What does your literature review seek to understand better or solve? What is your research question?
2. Methods
• Describe your approach for finding the literature. This includes details about your article selection process such as the databases you have used, search terms, as well as your inclusion/exclusion criteria
3. Body
• Organize the information that you have found about your chosen topic. What were the key themes that have emerged from existing literature?
• Discuss and objectively critique the existing knowledge in your chosen topic area. What have existing scholars in the area found? Are they inconsistencies or disagreements between specific issues?
• What were some of the key theories being examined, and how have various scholars in the area applied/used them?
4. Conclusion
• Summarize the main themes you identified and how it relates back to answering your research question
• Identify the research gaps. What has existing research not explored, or adequately addressed yet?
*Please ensure that organize and structure your literature review by coming up with your own headings/ sub-headings. Do not simply use Introduction, methods


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