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Read the chapter 4 case study (p.44) and resolution (p. 58), and provide an alternate resolution/reply other than the one Soumya provided in the course textbook. While it will not be uncommon to have similar thoughts as your classmates, try to be unique from what has already been posted. Also, add discussion regarding how you reply to Soumya’s reply if you were Karen. Your post should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long, and each paragraph should have a minimum of 4 sentences. However, there can be more sentences and paragraphs if you desire.


Karen, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Courage Rehabilitation Services, was at her desk, staring off into space. Soumya, her organization’s Information Spe-cialist, recognizing the look, stopped and spoke from the door. “You wanted to see me. Is this a good time?”Karen returned from her reverie and replied, “Yes, please come in. Let’s talk.” After Soumya sat down, Karen continued, “I am concerned about the organi-zation’s ability to reach the people of Washington County. I think we offer good programs and services. Lately, I have begun to think about the ways we promote them. I ran into Fred Furlough at a conference last week. He told me about his agency’s marketing plan. His agency has a presence on the Internet. I think he mentioned Facebook. Should we be on Facebook, too?” While Soumya gathers her thoughts, what advice could you offer to Karen?


Returning to the meeting between Soumya and Karen, the CEO, Soumya re-plied, “I think that a new promotional or marketing plan is a good idea. However, we should not rush into it without some serious thought. An effective marketing plan has many components. We should approach it as an integrated system. I read some articles on social marketing and think that may be a useful starting point. As for Facebook, the Internet may provide an excellent vehicle for com-municating with younger people in the communities that we serve. We must be prepared to provide adequate resources to support any social marketing effort. People using the Internet are accustomed to speedy replies. Would you like me to arrange a meeting to discuss this topic?”“Yes, let’s do that,” replied Karen.


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