Project Plan Leadership Roles Manager

For this essay assignment, your focus will be on the project plan that you began in Unit II (INFORMATION ATTACHED AS P1 AND P2). This assignment will consist of an essay that contains the following information:

  • the name of the project leader (i.e., your name),
  • the leadership traits that are necessary for leading the project,
  • the team members and their roles in the project,
  • the traits that make one a productive team member,
  • a brief explanation of the eight traits associated with being a successful project manager,
  • the five conditions that support the development of high-performing teams, and
  • a brief description of five strategies that can be used to manage dysfunctional conflict within project teams.

Your essay should consist of at least two pages and should include at least two references.

All sources must be cited and referenced according to APA standards. Utilize APA formatting for your title and reference pages.

write an essay 181

i will give you the prompt after i choose you. it need based on the last assignment which i will send to you. you can choose one topic from my last work.

what is your personal philosophy of nursing

In this module’s Assignment, you will draft a formal paper expressing your personal philosophy of nursing paper. In this paper, you will provide a framework for your personal practice of nursing and reflect on why you chose nursing as a profession. Your paper will define how you interact with patients, family members, other nurses, and other health care professionals. Since this is your first formal paper for the program, be sure to use the resources listed below to ensure you are using the proper APA formatting, title page, and scholarly language.

i have some question i want to answer pleas

Match each of the statements on the left to a stage in the scientific method on the right.

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A can containing diet soda floats when placed in a trough of water, but a can of otherwise identical regular soda sinks.
The artificial sweetener in the diet soda weighs less than the sugar in the regular soda.
Pour the contents of each can into a weighed beaker and let them evaporate to dryness.

introduction to judaism

Prompt: The Hebrew Bible is often part of the textual traditions of Judaism on Satlow’s maps. Citing three specific examples from our class, discuss how Jewish communities have interpreted the Hebrew Bible. How does each interpretation fit with the larger goals of each figure/community discussed?

Our 2 common Source materials used in class are:

-Creating Judaism- History, Tradition, Practice by Michael L. Satlow

-Rabbinic Stories- The Classics of Western Spirituality

  • Please support your thesis with sound arguments and strong evidence. Please refrain from using personal anecdotes. Use Creating Judaism and other course readings as your sources. You may not use outside sources in order to answer the prompt.
  • Be sure to cite any course texts you use to answer these questions. Citation is part of your grade. Cite your sources in the following manner (author name, page number). For example: (Satlow, 202).

2 page essay esp application

Scenario: A company called Colony Nursery and Landscaping opened a new store located a few hundred miles away from its original location. The company wants to implement an award system that awards their customers with points whenever customers make a purchase, but the two stores are not able to share information. Colony Nursery and Landscaping will need to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that will solve the information silo problem by collecting and making this user data available. Colony Nursery and Landscaping is hoping that by providing customers with this award system, they will be able to maintain competitive advantage. Colony Nursery and Landscaping cannot afford to purchase, develop, or maintain this system on-site, so they are investigating cloud solutions.

In addition, for many organizations, Colony Nursery and Landscaping included, information silos make it difficult to tap into needed information. Discuss whether or not the problem of information silos can be solved by using the cloud. Some organizations do not have the resources to construct or maintain their computer infrastructure, so they utilize cloud services instead to reduce costs and improve scalability. In this assignment, you will discuss whether or not the cloud offers solutions for Colony Nursery and Landscaping and identify an application that the ERP system could provide. Compose an essay that includes the elements listed below.

  • Define what an information silo is.
  • Explain why information silos are a problem for organizations.
  • Discuss why organizations are moving to the cloud.
  • Determine whether or not using cloud services, such as a cloud-based host for data storage, would solve the ERP information silo problem at Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
  • Explain how using the ERP system and awards program would provide a competitive advantage for Colony Nursery and Landscaping.
  • Discuss why the implementation of an ERP system might require business process reengineering for Colony Nursery and Landscaping. Be sure to explain the business processes that will be affected (e.g., the customer awards system). Use diagrams or tables as needed, but this is not required.

Your essay must be a minimum of two pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and it must be formatted in APA style. You should include an introduction section that gives background and context to your reader. You must use at least two scholarly resources as references.

you have to compose 2 genres of text writer s note

For this final project, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge of rhetoric and genre to put your research into action. Now that you have composed a text in the genre of the academic research essay, you will take the work that you did on that essay and transform that knowledge into new texts for public audiences.

You will create 2 different texts in 2 different genres. You will have the freedom to select the genres and rhetorical situations that interest you the most (My previous essay was about social media platform). After you have composed these 2, you will write a reflection detailing your experience of writing in different genres and rhetorical situations. The components of this project are Texts, Reflection and Works cited.

GENRE IDEA: YouTube essay, Wiki, TED talk

1200 words (400 Writer’s note)

hrm531 Labor Relations Presentation

Research a non-union company on the “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” List.

Describe at least three of the following items in a 15- to 20-slide presentation that includes speaker notes:

  • Hiring and selection practices
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Feedback
  • Employee engagement

Analyze these practices to determine if they help to create an environment that does not need a union.

Cite any outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

1 page about the assignment

Problem 1 : Innovation is the number one driver of US economy. Computer, internet, smart phones, smart watches, self – driving cars, Amazon Alexa, Google home, military technologies such as Drones, are some of the examples of innovation and many of these innovative technologies are utilized by the millions of citizens all around the world.

In this spirit, if all the funds and resources are available to you to do the innovation, what would you innovate related to your discipline?

To shape up your writing for the innovation topic, please try to incorporate the best answers based on your ability to following questions i n your write up:

What is the strong rationale for the topic of innovation ?

What are the two goals that will help the innovation a reality?

What are the two objectives of each goal ?

Find and d iscuss at least one t echnique or algorithm without that your innova tion can not be possible.

Please submit your paper in PDF format in ECampus ‐> Homework Assignment 1 link. Use single spacing, 10 pts Times New Roman font with 1 inch page margin all sides format. Page limit ‐1 page. Write the title of the innovation in the header space of the page. Use page 2 for graphs, tables and references. This document will be shared with all EE 221 students so please write your name on the document if you would like to share with students otherwise do not write your name.

For research use following website from WVU computers:…

research studies 4

Research Studies

Please answer both parts of the question:

Part 1

Prepare a one-page description of your plans to solve the problem for one of the following research studies. Use the following headings for the problem:

  1. Statement of the Problem
  2. Research Method and Sources of Information (BE SPECIFIC)
  3. Nature of Data to Be Gathered and Analyzed
  4. Hypothesis or Hypotheses to Be Proved or Disproved (if feasible)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • a. Investigate a problem occurring on your campus (e.g., declining enrollment in some majors, increasing tuition, delayed financial aid payments, high cost of textbooks, or closed classes) or in a job or student organization position you hold.
  • b. Superior Foods, Inc., is considering adding organic versions of its frozen vegetables in an effort to establish itself as a leader in this fast-growing market. To increase its available supply of organic produce, management recognizes the need to assist local growers in adopting organic farming methods. The first step in this process is to recruit experts in organic farming to design and implement training.
  • c. Rainbow Pool and Spas initiated a website to provide answers to frequently asked questions and product-update information. Customer response has been outstanding, freeing up the company’s toll-free telephone lines for calls about more technical, nonrecurring problems—a primary goal of the service. As marketing manager, you are considering the possibility of starting a corporate blog and a microblogging site on Twitter to strengthen your relationship and communication with customers.
  • d. As branch manager of a bank, you are faced with the task in a sagging economy of reassuring customers of the solvency of your institution. Your current strategies for casting a positive light on negative performance indicators don’t seem to be effective.

Part 2

Select the most effective graphic means of presenting the following data. Justify your decision.

  • a. Data showing the growth in the number of companies offering employees paid time for volunteerism over a five-year period
  • b. Data showing the number of downloads from iTunes by media type (music, books, and TV segments) for the past quarter
  • c. Data showing percentage of organizational projects that are delayed, on time, or ahead of schedule
  • d. Growth in credit card debt over the past four years by state
  • e. Data showing the relationship of the functional areas of a company from the CEO to the vice presidents to the line supervisors
  • f. Predicted unemployment rate in regions of the U.S. for the year 2015
  • g. Instructions for conducting interrogations of employees suspected of committing fraud
  • h. Figures comparing the percentage of warranty claims of a company’s three product lines for the past four quarters
  • i. Data showing the number of people utilizing the portfolio option of a financial investment firm’s website. The data should depict the number of portfolios opened by investors in five age categories during each of the past four quarters.
  • j. Graphic tracking the progress of a product development team working on a new refrigeration product for a 2013 launch date