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plastic utilization

Utilization of waste plastic bags and how to reduce the usage of plastic bags specifically or not even using them at all and how to use your own dishes, forks, knifes instead of using them in plastic ones. and utilization of plastic waste and the disadvantage of them and their affect in the environment. This […]

i need answers to my weekly discussion question 4

By now you have seen a variety of paintings in your textbook. I want to discuss the word “painterly.” When an artist’s work is described as “painterly,” his technique takes advantage of the properties of the paint itself, reveling in them and using them as part of the end product. An example of this would […]

mgmt290 week1 Environmentally Friendly Shoe Packaging

I need to respond to this in 200-300 words in APA foormat with references In our communities, today we are having a hard time helping the environment. All the garbage we constantly produce is a consuming behavior problem. Since we are learning about operations management. I decided to pick a material being used too often […]

presentation for proclamation emancipation

Informative Presentation on a topic of YOUR choice related to the course or class materials. I chose Proclamation Emancipation In your informative presentation, you use speaking skills which communicate factual information; you are not persuading or making any claims. You may inform the audience on a person, place, thing, event, etc., that is related in […]

discussion 1594

Discusions Mr. Ahmed is a 49-year-old with a recurrent brain tumor currently hospitalized after experiencing seizures. Mr. Ahmed was diagnosed at age 44 and has had extensive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Three months ago, his oncology team advised him and his family that there were no further treatment options and recommended palliative care. The […]

virtualization organizations system installation challenges outcomes

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that includes your summation (using your own words) about your observations about the steps to install the Windows operating system. Be sure to discuss the importance of the pre-installation tasks and the post-installation tasks. Next, explain how virtualization can be used in organizations, how operating system installation is affected when virtualization […]

project management practices

Wk5 A1: Earned Value Analysis & Report Attached Files: PJM6000 – Case Study – Lazertrim.pdf (103.995 KB) Assignment Overview: For this assignment, you will be drafting an earned value analysis executive briefing as to why, or why not, the organization should adopt Earned Value Management as a monitoring and controlling process tool. Learning Connection: This […]

work ethics 1

Imagine a situation where you are paired up with a coworker to complete a very important project for your company. The coworker does not share the same work ethic that you do, and you are concerned about working together toward successful completion of the project. It is not a job that you can handle on […]

the patient protection and affordable care act how it affects health care decisions and outcomes

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 300-400 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Locate a recent peer-reviewed article from a health care journal […]