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Using the ACA code of ethics, read through the ethics vignette located below. Respond to the questions at the end of the vignette. Post any additional ethical implications related to the vignette that you identify for your instructor and fellow learners to review.

You have been working with Amy, a 16-year-old girl, for about three months. It has taken time for her to trust you and reveal some of the worries she has about herself, particularly her appearance and the confusion she has about her own sexuality. She has revealed to you that she thinks she may be gay. Amy has also been cutting herself from time to time; although these cuts have not been serious in terms of a medical emergency, they have left some scars on her arms and legs, which she hides from others.

Amy also has a great deal of trouble talking to her mother, who she believes is very critical of her, and this adds to her stress and depression. Amy has asked if she can bring her mother to her next counseling session so you can talk to her mother about how critical she is with Amy, and how upset this makes Amy. She says her mother has expressed a willingness to come, but that the mother wants to speak with you by phone first so she can know more about what Amy has been doing in counseling.

Discussion Questions

  • What potential legal or ethical issues are involved and who will be impacted by them?
  • What possible courses of action are there and what are the consequences?
  • How will you discuss this with Amy?
  • What will you discuss with the mother before the session?
  • What will you discuss during the session with both Amy and her mother present?


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