Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part Four and Final Course Project Submission

This week, you will complete your best practices handbook by adding a section relating to legal and ethical issues, and combining all revised sections into the final Course Project.

Select at least one legal issue and one ethical issue of which you think professionals in your setting should be aware. For each issue include the following:

  • A description of the issue and what it entails

  • An explanation of why it is important

  • At least one recommendation for how professionals should address the issue or integrate it into their partnership strategies

After you have completed this final section, combine all completed, revised sections of your handbook into the final Course Project. Recall that your handbooks should contain the following sections:

  1. Title page (Week 2 Application Assignment)
  2. Introduction (Week 2 Application Assignment)
  3. Challenges (Week 2 Application Assignment)
  4. Strategies for family-school partnerships (Week 3 Application Assignment)
  5. Strategies for community partnerships (Week 4 Application Assignment)
  6. Legal and ethical issues to be aware of/how to address (Week 5 Application Assignment)

Your grade on this final submission will be based on both your work on the new section 6, as well as your efforts at revising each of the previous five sections according to your Instructor’s feedback.

Assignment length: Legal and Ethical Issues: 2–4 pages; final Course Project: 12–17 pages

This Assignment is due in 12 hours or less

APA format and all orginal work


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