Art Paper

must be completed before 11:00 pm.

Topic: Painting of Queen Nefertiti playing a game, c. 1320-1200 BCE.


Final Research Paper Requirements and Grading Rubric

 You may choose an artwork from any of the time periods we are studying, from pre-history through Gothic for your research project. Your topic must be approved. 

This is the research assignment folks and the points it is worth reflect that. Please treat it as such. You will need to research, then write a narrative about the art you are going to show. Be sure to include all points in the rubric!

You can use the following rubric as an outline when writing your paper.

Paper length should be a minimum of 3 pages, a maximum of 5 pages

1. Basic Background Info: (10 pts) What do you know?

·      Tell us where your artwork is located.

·      Tell us the name of the art you are discussing and show an image of it. Include the name of the artist/architect. 

·      Tell us something important and/or interesting about the history of it and the artist who made it (why was it made, why is it significant, what else has the artist made, where did they study and so on) 

This should be a minimum of 10 sentences each.

2. Formal Description: (5 pts) What (elements and principles) do you see? Describe this artwork using the elements and principles of descriptive language as discussed in this course and in the first two chapters of our textbook. Be sure to give specific examples to back up what you are saying. For example “This painting has circles” is not enough. You must include where and how the painting uses the shapes.

Remember to write what you see that makes you say what you are saying.

This should be a minimum of 7 sentences.

3. Critical Analysis: (5 pts) What do you think it means? Use a specific lens, a different one than formalism, to describe and analyze your chosen work. Sample lenses are listed in the lens cards handout located under the syllabus/tagged handouts link in your D2L course tools bar. Pick ONE lens and go in depth about how this artwork reflects your point.

*Note* A critical analysis is like an informed editorial. There are no right or wrong opinions, only effective and ineffective arguments. Effective arguments are supported with specific evidence. Make your argument effective.

Remember to write what you see that makes you say what you are saying.

This should be a minimum of 7 sentences.

4. Art Historical Review: (10 pts) Stylistically what is it and how did it evolve? Tell us which movement and /or region this work is categorized as belonging to. You may have to jump ahead in the book and/or do some research for things we haven’t covered yet. This is acceptable and expected if needed.

·      Describe the stylistic influences placing your chosen art in the context of art history.

·      Give an historical example to compare how this influenced this work. For example, a contemporary naturalistic sculpture may be influenced by Classical Greece, but would not belong in that category due to the time it was what is it?

·      Give specific examples to support your ideas both within this work of art and from others in the movement for comparison. 

Remember to write what you see that makes you say what you are saying.

This part should be a minimum of two paragraphs, 7 sentences each.

5. Personal Assessment and Opinion: (10 pts) What do you personally think of it? Explain why you chose this piece over all the other possible choices. Do you like or dislike the work and why you feel that way? Be descriptive and personal. Give specific examples. What value do you think it holds? Why?

Remember to write what you see that makes you say what you are saying.

 This part should be thorough, consisting of at least ten sentences.

6. Reference page/sources. (5 pts) This will be a comprehensive list of references for all information you use in your script. You must have a minimum of three sources, two of which must not be solely online sources. Your textbook can count for one of these sources. APA style is preferred, but other acceptable academic style rules will be accepted.

*NOTE: Wikipedia IS NOT an academic source! While you may use this site as a resource for other sources, you may not use Wikipedia or any other wiki as a source in an academic research paper. 

7. Proper Spelling and Grammar (5 pts) Be sure you proof read and edit your work! A Writing Center stamp of approval will be an automatic full count in this area.


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