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Most people do not spend much time thinking about the law, even though the law is all around them, all the time. As a society, we expect everyone to act in conformance with the law. Most people in society also expect people to act ethically. Note that for our purposes, unlawful behavior is generally also unethical.[1] But not all lawful behavior is ethical. There are many things individuals and companies may do that are in accordance with law, but that may well be considered by many to be unethical.[2] Unfortunately, we regularly and frequently see examples of unethical behavior in business.

The three primary purposes of this exercise are: 1) to encourage you to keep up with the world around you; and 2) to help you recognize just how much our society and your everyday life is regulated and controlled by law; and 3) to help you identify and reflect on some of the ethical challenges in society today.

Specifically, for this assignment, you are to find a news article reporting on a current event related to ethics in business or government.
[3] Your primary article should be from a print media source such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the New York Times, the Washington Post, TIME magazine, Newsweek, the London Times, the Guardian, or similar source. You may use information from NBC news, MSNBC, ABC news, CBS news, CNN, Fox news, NPR, PBS, the BBC, or other similar news source as one of your secondary sources. You need to be able to identify and differentiate good information from poor information on the Internet. You must provide attribution to any source of information you use in writing your essay.

[1] There are times when unlawful activity is viewed by some as necessary when laws are unjust. For example, several states allow the use of medical marijuana. The federal government considers that a crime. Some people believe the use of medical marijuana is ethical and some view it as unethical.

[2] You may want to watch this short video regarding short selling.

[3] Note that this is a current event related assignment. The article you choose must be dated after the date of the first class of the semester.


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