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Chapter 7 Discussion 

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You should pick ONE of the three questions to respond to on or before THURSDAY May 18 at 11:59 pm.You must read all posts by your classmates and respond to AT LEAST TWO classmates by SUNDAY May 21 at 11:59 PM.

Please remember to: use vocabulary words from the text and BOLD them in some way, define the terms, and include page numbers from the text. Your response should be 8-10 sentences. Your responses to classmates should be at least 4 sentences. Correct grammar and spelling is important.

1. Based on the examples at the beginning of Chapter 7 in the text, what do you think Ludwig Wittgenstein meant when he said that “the limits of my language are the limits of my world”? Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Define verbal codes and what limits or freedoms they give us.

2. Is accurate translation and interpretation from one language to another possible? Distinguish the difference between the two. Discuss at least one of the types of equivalence and what can be done to minimize the likelihood of equivalence problems in intercultural communication.

3. What do the phrases “variations in vocabulary” and “variations in linguistic grammars” mean? Include in your description comments and experiences about differing conceptions of time, respect and social hierarchy, and use of pronouns.


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