Wolf of Wall Street Inspirational Speech HD

Due: During the final speech class period, QVCC May 10th, Bryant May 15th 

For your final for this class you will be required to do a short Special Occasion Speech, as well as analysis paper on this speech to demonstrate your grasp of course concepts.  *Please note that the speech does have some explicit language.

This speech is full of examples of what we have talked about in class.  I would like for you to show me that you can effectively critique a speech for the elements we have learned.   

The paper should be at LEAST three FULL pages.  

It should be typed, Times 12 pt font, double spaced, 1” margins.  No period tricks, indentations, etc. to make it longer, you will lose points. 

I do not want a summary of what the speech was about, I know what it was about I have seen it.  I want you to show me what you know about public speaking.  

You should go through your notes and discuss the relevant points to this speech and what makes it effective, or ineffective if you think so.  You should support your critiques with evidence from the speech.  Use your notes and textbook as a resource.

Consider discussing the following:

  • Type of speech

  • Any ethical considerations that may be relevant

  • Who was the audience, was the speech adapted to that specific audience effectively

  • What types of support were used for the main ideas (types of examples, testimonies, statistics, etc.)

  • How was the speech organized? 

  • Examining the introduction and conclusion for meeting objectives

  • Use of language (both imagery and various rhythm strategies)

  • Delivery techniques [body and voice], be specific

  • Visual aids

  • Persuasive tactics, emotional appeals

  • And anything else that you think may be relevant.

You will be graded on your ability to:

  • Demonstrate course concept understanding by effective critiquing of the speech

  • Provide strong support of ideas with evidence from speech and course content

  • Construct a clear, easy to follow, and logical flow of ideas

  • Have a paper that is correctly formatted with proper grammar and spelling


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