Communication Cultural Imperialism Media Manufacturing Research

Communication Cultural Imperialism Media Manufacturing Research

Biographical Profile of a Global Media personality (producer/director/news person/critic/ social media-influencer/musician )

Part 1 – Global Media Icon Biopic

(a) Write a (400- 600) word (3-4 paragraph) proposal pitching your best idea for a biopic of a global media figure of your choice. As above this individual can be a producer, director, news person, critic/ social media-influencer, musician even actor. You must however make a case as to how this individual’s output will help you explore key themes that we have encountered thus far. Indeed, your piece should expose/explore but also critique the work of your chosen personality. These would include cultural imperialism, cultural globalization, glocalization, the propaganda model (Chomsky), Orientalism (Said), postcolonial theory (Fanon) and any other related and similarly applicable themes that you can argue are relevant.

*Keep in mind that your subject can absolutely be an American national (though international or immigrant individuals are especially encouraged), that you must make a case for how their work relates to the broader globe, either through reach, audience, representation or by some other metric you can argue for.

(b) Of this (3-4) paragraph proposal, dedicate (1) paragraph to a brief review of (1) of the articles that appear in your working biblio. In other words, discuss how one of your chosen reference articles frames/treats/explores the work of your chosen subject.

(c) Attach to the end of this proposal, a minimum (3)-article working bibliography.

(d) Creatively title and subtitle this draft. Please keep in mind that you can absolutely change/rework this title as you feel the need to.



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