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  • Read textbook Basics of the U.S. Health Care System (3rd ed) Chapter 2, “The Evolution of Leadership in Healthcare,” pages 21–38. Chapter 3, “Leadership Skills,” pages 39–60. Chapter 4, “Government’s Role in U.S. Healthcare,” pages 91–113. And Chapter 5, “Public Health’s Role in Healthcare,” pages 114–145. Also read Foundations and Future of Health Care Delivery Management, in Chapter 7, “U.S. Healthcare Workforce,” pages 173–199.Chapter 8, “Population Health and Health Determinants,” pages 215–231. Chapter 12, “Principles for Population Health Management,” pages 287–300. Chapter 14, “The Momentum Behind Population Health,” pages 307–316.

1. Leadership and Management -Per your text readings, you are preparing for a challenging leadership role in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Developing your own leadership style, as appropriate for the sector of the healthcare system in which you work or plan to work, begins by exploring leadership theories and concepts, and choosing and developing what works best for you. This discussion is designed to jump start your thinking about your own leadership style.In your main post, address the following topics:

    • Identify a sector of the healthcare system that you are interested in for your healthcare management career.
    • Share brief descriptions of the different types of professionals you will be responsible for leading and interacting with. Refer to your Niles text and your own outside research for information and descriptions.
    • Reflect on your career experiences to identify the leadership styles and behaviors of those you have worked for. Choose and discuss an example of a positive experience related to personal power and effective leadership. Refer directly to concepts and theories from your Healey text to explain and support your ideas and insights.
    • Describe what you might learn from this experience as you develop your own leadership style and behaviors, specifically with the professionals you will lead and interact with in your chosen sector of the healthcare system.

2. The Current State of the Agency- In the second study in this unit, you used the Wall Street Journal, newsletters you subscribed to in Unit 1, IHI Triple Aim framework, and the Internet to research current information regarding changes, concerns or issues, legislative actions, or proposals related to a particular U.S. government healthcare agency. Use the information you found to complete this discussion. For your main post:

    • Identify the U.S. federal agency you researched, and briefly summarize its role.
    • Describe the information you discovered regarding current changes, concerns or issues, legislative actions, or proposals related to this U.S. healthcare agency.
    • Share your personal insights about this agency, relating your findings to the overall U.S. healthcare system and your healthcare management career.


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