English short research paper

1. Complete the prewriting for the short research report:

  • Prewriting prepares you to write and helps you organize your ideas.
  • You may print the lesson and jot notes for yourself on the paper, or you may write notes on your own.
  • You do not have to submit prewriting for any points, but don’t skip this important step!

2. Complete a draft of the short research report.

  • Use a memo style header for your report along with headings throughout the paper.
  • Use two or more sources that should include the textbook. Here is the works cited entry for our textbook. Make sure you format the entry correctly.Locker, Kitty O. and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek. Business Communication-Building Critical Skills. 6th ed. Boston: The McGraw-Hill       Companies, 2013.

Note: the second and all subsequent lines for a works cited entry are tabbed in once. The format here does not reflect this indent, but you will need to make sure your entry does follow the hanging indent format.

  • When using source material in your report, just simply write something like, “Kitty Locker states that sexism…”
  • The report should end up being two to three pages in length.
  • There is a sample draft report from a student in this week’s folder–LOOK AT IT!

Short Research Report Criteria


This is a continuation of your research proposal from last week. Now, you are moving forward with a report about that topic and you will be using source material to support your information. Show why:

  • the problem needs to be solved
  • propose a solution to the problem
  • show how that solution is the correct one (use credible sources for support)
  • and make predicts about how your solution will improve the organization.

Once you show the seriousness of the problem, then discuss the counterarguments that may arise from your solution, after showing the benefits outweigh the costs of your solution, then argue for your solution using credible sources that agree with your solution. These will persuade your audience that the solution you propose is the correct one.

  1. MLA Format and include a “Works Cited” page at the end of the report and source citations/attributions within the textual content of the report. Module 22 and the samples in the text will help you type these pieces.
  2. Two or more pages typed in Memo format with four headings: Introduction, Problem, Solution and Conclusion. You may add two additional headings of your own creation that relate to the topic.single space.12points.
  3. You must create a solution to the issue, do not use something that someone else/team has done in the past.
  4. Do not use any contractions or slang, stick to formal language.
  5. Your subject has to be a “real” issue explored in the textbook – you do not make up anything about this report.
  6. You are required to use 3 or more “scholarly/credible” sources and these must be cited within your report. Here is the works cited entry for our textbook:

Locker, Kitty O. and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek. Business Communication-Building Critical Skills. 6th ed. Boston: The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2013.

7. Include one or two visuals in your report: picture, graphic, table, chart, etc. Place the visual appropriately and keep it small–thumbprint to wallet photo size only.

8. Evaluate source materials based on the information in Module 22 of your textbook.

After shake hands, please give me your email, I need to send you the reading source.

My topic is social class discrimination exists in our company’s customer service. So our company needs to do something to educate and train our employees to eliminate soical class discrimination. We need to give our customer an equal and fair treatment to improve company’s comprehensive ability.

Here is the sample of the short research:

KR Corporation

13 Bell Drive

Beavercreek, Ohio 45432

(937) 902-3516

July 20, 2013

TO: Rita Woodall

FROM: Katie Leonard, KR Corporation

SUBJECT: The Use of Training to Improve Efficiency Report

Wooly s opened in 1967, forty-six years ago, everything has changed since then. The technology that we have access to now can do amazing, helpful tasks quickly. The issue that arises is this: do the company s employees know how to fully utilize this technology—mainly the computer? If the employees have had no training or experience, how will they know how to use it? Keeping them up to date on their skills as far as technology goes is crucial. The amount of money lost to employees not using their time wisely or taking a lengthy amount of time to complete a simple task compared to someone who does possess the skills and knowledge can take a toll on a company. Several employees started fresh out of high school, forty years ago, and I can tell you their skills are not up to par.

I will explain why training would be beneficial to the company and the employees and why they both need it.


Many companies hire people with up-to-date experience and or training. I have been with Wooly s for over a year now and I have begun to pick up on the skills and abilities of the people I work with on a regular basis. A few of them have a motivational issue: it seems as though they want to do as little as possible to get by. I think that this issue may reflect their lack of knowledge of our computer programs as well as common programs, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. If they had the proper knowledge they could become more efficient and feel confident taking on their responsibilities.

When employees receive the proper training, the company does not have to pursue as many other strategies to keep up with its competitors. Many organizations do not realize how much quality training can help revenues. With the poor training some staff receive, it is no wonder why companies do not see how investing in training can benefit them (Brum).They only see the results they get from the poor training and then they do not want to put more money into something they do not see as helpful to the company. Investing resources into quality training pays off. The money spent on training would be far less than what currently goes down the drain due to poor work performance every day.


Companies that spend more on employee training have better numbers as well as better morale overall (Ansar). Even when one or two people lack the up-to-date training and knowledge, this lack can significantly hold back progress and limit the company s success. A few of the people currently employed at Wooly s have been here over twenty years, some even forty years—with no new education, training, or classes since they started. Technology changes at a fast rate: the more we can use new technology to our advantage, the better off the company will be.

A young person has grown up with the technology whereas the older employees have not had to utilize it as much. Little to no training results in poor or mediocre results; if more funds were spent to improve employee skills, then the results from the employees improve, which is better for business. Someone who worked here forty years ago, who never had to use computers in high school, and who never pursed higher education after high school, is flying by the seat of their pants trying to use these programs. When the economy falls, one of the first areas employers often cut is training. This can seem like an option that makes sense, but, in actuality, it only puts the staff at a disadvantage in an already weakened economy. Learning to use the basic Microsoft programs as well as our programs could enhance their performance and help the company advance.


The key to solving this problem? Training. Wooly s needs to implement training, not only for new hires but for employees that have worked here for twenty plus years. Microsoft programs require the most attention because a few of the senior employees seem like they struggle in this area. Flyers and advertisements get sent to us weekly for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access seminars and classes, I know that they get immediately get thrown away because management does not want to spend the money on these types of classes. The owner needs to see that the classes would benefit everyone and be a cost saver in the long run. When you think about someone not knowing how to utilize one of the programs you may brush it off and think no big deal, they have worked here twenty plus years, they still get the job done without this knowledge.

Wooly s employee turnover rate can reach high levels sometimes, when workers feel their employer does not care to put money and time into them, they do not feel loyalty towards the company and they will look for employment elsewhere (Brum). Keeping the turnover rate low allows everything to run more smoothly and it does keep cost down. Time does not have to be spent making ads; money does not have to be spent posting the ad online or possibly in a paper (Brum). Especially since Wooly s does not have an employee solely for human resources, it costs a lot to constantly look for new employees and to go through the interviewing process. We should do more than just getting the job done; we should use every advantage possible, seeing as how business is just OK. It will improve if all employees have the same Microsoft program skill level.

Microsoft Programs

In this company the two most important Microsoft programs are Word and Excel. Our email is similar to Word, but it does not match precisely. Not all of the employees get the practice and experience, so when they do need to use it, they struggle and the document does not come out with the high quality it could. It seems that since the company does not care enough to give them training, they feel as though they do not need to care where their skill level sits. It would significantly benefit our customers, vendors, and each other if everyone knew how to use Word.

In departments such as accounting, sales, and quality, Microsoft Excel can assist in a number of ways. The accounting office will run much more smoothly and at a faster pace if the employees know how to utilize Excel to the fullest. I took one computer class in high school that touched on Excel and a number of other Microsoft programs; a refresher and an in-depth class would benefit me when I assist in accounting. One of my fellow employees in the accounting department can tell you how to do anything in Excel; she uses Excel for almost everything, which might be a telltale sign of how accounting runs more smoothly than any other department in the company. The use of these tools helps people get their jobs done accurately in a quicker manner than if they were to use something else. The days of paper and pencil should end for the sake of this company.

Cost and Courses

We can send employees to a class or we can host the classes in our facility, and they will send a trained professional to teach the class. I do not think we have anywhere we could host classes on our premises due to the way the way we have the computers arranged. The classes fall on September 6th, 2013 at the 2661 Commons Boulevard in Beavercreek. The commute would not take long at all, and the employees do not have to commute downtown. Classes are $299.00 per student, but they offer group rates; those rates vary depending on how many people go and for how many classes they plan to attend. We may only send certain people to the Word classes and vice versa. It depends on what we see fit after our meeting on Tuesday the 30th.


Training can turn staff from so-so into phenomenal employees; they accomplish tasks faster, in turn they get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Staff will work smarter when they learn the necessary tools; one of the most beneficial parts of training. Fewer costly mistakes will occur, training promotes business to pick up because people enjoy working with your staff, when they get tasks done faster and they make no mistakes doing them (Ansar). In order to compete with other businesses, we must keep our staff trained with the most recent knowledge, the cost does look intimidating for something that some people may feel is unnecessary but it will pay off in the end. The amount spent of training will come back to us in higher numbers and revenue; this will justify and offset the costs associated with training (Brum). The business world always changes—nothing stays the same for long, so keeping employees up to date on new technology will give the company an advantage ( The Importance of Employee Development ). People often have the wrong viewpoint on the costs of training; it should be looked at as an investment, not as an expense. In reality, having an untrained staff will cost more than the cost to train staff.

Works Cited

Ansar, Muhammad. “Benefits of Training for Both the Organization and Employees.” Helium. Helium, 02 Aug.

         2009. Web. 16 July 2013.

Brum, Scott. “What Impact Does Training Have on Employee Commitment and Employee Turnover?”

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“The Importance of Employee Development.” Entrepreneur. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 July 2013.


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