This assignment challenges you to analyze how two writers present arguments about a scholarly ignificant issue/topic. For this assignment, you will choose two current newspaper or is to articles that focus on a current issue relevant to people of African descent. Your identify purposes and claims of each author locate their arguments in a rhetorical situation, and analyze the appeals each writer makes to support their argument. You will then evaluate the arguments: which author better satisfies their readers? Which author crafts the more fitting response? Choose your 2nd article carefully, as you may want to make an informed argument about the same issue/topic for the next essay In sum, then, the main goals are: 1. Identify the purposes and claims that two authors make about a significant issue Locate the arguments in a rhetorical situation what exigencies do the authors address? What constraints and resources exist for the authors? To whom are they writing? When and where was each article published? 3. Analyze the appeals (logical, ethical, emotional put forth by the writers 4. Evaluate the arguments. Which argument is more fitting? Which author better satisfies readers? (our evaluation need not be either/or: maybe one author is more effective logically for instance, while the second author is more effective ethically and emotionally. This paper must be at least 5-6 pages in length, and you need to appropriately cite your two Sources in MLA style. The first draft is due This draft should be at least 1 %pages in length and should reflect at least a brief summary of each text. The second draft is due Please bring a hard copy of your draft to class. This draft should be considerably longer and more extensive than your first draft (this draft should extend to at least 3 pages in length). In addition to a summary of each text, this draft should include an analysis of the rhetorical strategies applied by each author, and a working thesis statement. The second draft will peer reviewed

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