essay assignment 44

Essay #2: Topic, Tips and Guidelines

The essay should be between five pages, no more, no less.

The topic is for you to apply your choices of theories of the course to the films.

These are the theories we have covered in the course and their corresponding films

Freud and the Civilization and Its Discontents and Pleasantville

Nietzsche: My lectures on his Genealogy of Morals, The Superman and The Birth of Tragedy and Fight Club and Black Swan.

My lecture on Avatar and Myth; the lecture A Postmodern Pagan Myth; my lecture on The Dialectic of Enlightenment; my lecture on The Hero, my lecture on Dystopia and Avatar and V for Vendetta

For this essay, I want you to use two theories to analyze two films. Your thesis is simple. These two theories correlate to these two movies

Choose two theories and two movies. However, they cannot be the original film they are paired with.

For example, you can use any film to analyze with Freud’s ideas except Pleasantville.

Or any film to Nietzsche except Fight Club and Black Swan.

Conversely, you could use my lecture on The Dialectic of Enlightenment to analyze Pleasantville or Fight Club,

Or my lecture on the Hero myth and Black Swan; or Freud and V for Vendetta, or Dystopian and Fight Club.

Or Freud and Avatar.

Do you see? Two theores / two films. = one theory per film.

If you are unsure if you are doing this topic the correct way, you should email me your ideas and I will comment on them.


You need at least five direct quotes, not paraphrases from five different sources. These can be from Freud’s essay, my lectures, other’s lectures or the film itself. You need to use correct in-text citations and a correct References page. The librarians are happy to help you with this, as am I, so there is no real excuse for any of these to be incorrect

You need to proofread your essay. See the file Six Common Errors in Students’ Writing in the final module. Most of you are using run-on sentences. They are easy to fix.Use Grammarly. The writing rubric scores grammar and APA

APA: it is crazy to lose points for formatting your essay incorrectly. The librarians are happy to show you as am I.

As always, I am here to help you….prior to the deadline.


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