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You will be required to complete 2-weeks of intake journaling: week 3. You will be required to analyze your intake using any diet analysis tool for each of those two weeks. You must set nutritional goals after week 3’s analysis is complete in a 1-2 page reflection (turn this in for 15 points). We will discuss and review the online options available, in class. In addition, you must evaluate your analysis results and come up with one new goal to work on for each week, in which you will have1- 2 weeks to evaluate your progress, through daily journaling. You must come up with a summary of your overall progress throughout the process. You may use any free diet analysis tool you like: phone apps or online tools, such as,,, or,.

Complete a 1-2 page refection paper due week 4 and again week 11 to address and compare your before and after results, identifying any areas you would like to improve on, strategies, etc. (15 points for each week analysis and 15 points for your reflection paper, for a total of 60 points). The reflection paper must contain the following:

  • Student will analyze and prepare a 7-day diet using a computer nutritional program and make modifications towards a nutrient rich diet.
  • Both week 4 should include:
    • Student will identify and compare eight factors influencing eating habits, and his/her application to good health.
    • Student will analyze his/her diet based on principles of Choose My Plate, Dietary Guidelines, and the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs)
    • Student will calculate his/her own energy requirements and list five ways of achieving energy balance, and weight control for health using exercise science movement techniques.
  • Week 4 should include: Goals for the semester, areas you want to improve and strategies

Please DO NOT turn in any pictures from your phone unless they have been neatly put into a word document. There should only be one document for me to open for this assignment. If you turn in multiple files, I will only grade the first one and all others will be discarded.

Week 4: Due week 4 on Thursday before midnight– printed food analysis (includes daily intake, daily totals of nutrients, and week summary percentage charts) and baseline 1-2 page reflection paper based on your initial findings.



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