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ANXIETY in college students.

  1. **READ** the Outline of job File and please see picture below of op-ed order structure. NO PLAGIARIZED JOB.

2. **READ** op-ed handout PDF for more specific and required info of the op-ed.

3. Use the ProposalAnxiety file for info about the topic. That is the proposal ONLY, It CAN’T be copy/pasted from the proposal to the op-ed final document. Definitely you will need to use the proposal but it can’t be copy/paste to the op-ed, just use information.

4.Create a lede. Add a newspeg (you will find what a newspeg is in the op-ed handout PDF)  of something recent related to anxiety that you can find, an example of this can be:  ß actual study from the previous link.

5. Find TWO points, or justifications with the evidence from the sources from the proposal like: (you can create other two but probably the argument from CONSEQUENCE is one of two and the best one in the following example of justifications) :

  • We should create more awareness of anxiety in students because is good to mentally prepare them to see how difficult a college can be (argument from principle), because creating awareness will lead to good consequences like short time graduation and a better direction (argument from consequence), and because creating more awareness in other universities will have the same positive effect like University of Central Florida, which more students are seeking for help and the anxiety stigma is lessening even more with their designated daily workshops and therapy groups.

6. It is important the end to appeal to values. 

7. Use as reference the op-eds examples. They are just for REFERENCE only, it can’t be exactly as them.

Length: Between 500-800 words (not including annotations)

Sources Links to get any additional information:







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