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Reflection is a crucial part of the learning process. This Journal is an opportunity to reflect on your own thoughts and feelings as you learn and grow through this course. Use the processes of critical thinking and critical reflection presented earlier in the course. Reflective Journal entries are assigned in selected units in this course. The reflective Journal is different from course discussion items in that only your instructor will see the reflective Journal entries. You should complete your readings for the week and participate in at least some of the course discussion before completing your Journal entries.


For this week’s Journal entry address the following:

As you have reached (and passed!) the halfway point in this course, what have you learned about yourself as it relates to multicultural and diversity issues? Please write a 300 to 500 word response including what you have learned from the Readings, Discussions, and Assignments and how it applies to your profession and life. Remember to include opening and concluding paragraphs.

Support your response with the course readings and materials and at least one scholarly journal article. Remember to cite and reference all non-original sources following APA style guidelines.

This Assignment addresses the following unit learning outcome:

  • Examine personal perspectives on issues related to educating students with disabilities.


Write an essay of at least 350 words that explains the basic functions and sources of minerals and water in the body. Include what you learned about minerals, water, and dehydration from the article. Provide responses to the following:

  • Mention two major and two minor minerals. State their functions, sources and deficiency conditions.
  • Research information about one of the following: osteoporosis, anemia or iodine deficiency disorders. For your selection, indicate symptoms, required minerals and food sources, people or areas affected, and how the disease is managed or treated.
  • What are the functions of water in the body?
  • What is the general effect of dehydration on the body?

Include references with citations in APA format.


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