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You will pick ONE of these questions to answer in your Blue Book. You may write in Pen or Pencil, but it must be legible. Essays should be 2-3 pages long in your Blue Book. Note: studying the other essays will help you on the multiple choice!

  • The American colonists were technically British citizens, but over time they developed their own identity and grew increasingly separate from Great Britain. Write an essay detailing how this American identity was established, using examples from class. What factors were involved? What outside influences impacted the movement?
  • The root causes of the American Revolution include a lack of representation in the British Parliament, especially regarding the levying of taxes on the American population. Write an essay describing this debate, using examples from class. Why did the colonists believe they required representation in London? How did Parliament feel about the issue of colonial representation, and how did they suggest fixing it? Why did the British feel the need to tax the colonies, and how did Americans respond? What factors and events caused this overall situation to escalate?
  • Militia played an important role in the American military during the American Revolution, but there is debate over how effectively the militiamen performed. How are militia different from the regular troops in the Continental Army? How was militia viewed by the British? What about by the American commanders? What are some general weaknesses and strengths displayed by the militia in battle? Give some examples – at least three – of battles that show these strengths and weaknesses.


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