Historical Thinking Skills: Continuity and Change, Summary, Analysis, and Synthesis

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Historical Thinking Skills: Continuity and Change, Summary, Analysis, and Synthesis

  • Continuity and change: How has this issue remained the same? How has it changed?
    • Ex labor: continuity- POC, immigrants, poor (slaves → sharecroppers and immigrants → prisoners and immigrants)
    • Ex labor: changes- no more slavery, but taken on different forms; Irish and Chinese to Central Americans
  • Synthesis: putting those 3-5 sources into one cohesive paper (putting 3-5 instruments into the song)

Objective: The 1920s marked the modern American Era. However, with changes in traditional American society also came backlash. You will be researching one of the areas of conflict in the 1920s and how that issue has remained a continuity in America. You will be practicing the research cycle with this assignment.

Research Cycle:

  • Step 1: Start with an inquiry question. This is a burning area of interest that cannot simply be answered with a level 1 question and answer. “ Which immigrant groups were being targeted?” vs. “How has America continued to target Mexican and Mexican-Americans?”
  • Due today:
    • Topic: Labor
    • Inquiry Question: Why has labor not changed and still mostly poor, POCs, and immigrants?
    • I want to know how/why…hate groups are still active today.
    • How has the KKK remained active and how (something about their style of activism has changed?)
  • Step 2: Research and edit inquiry question as needed. Start skimming and reading articles (academic, journals, newspaper articles) about your topic. Not every article is going to be useful. You will read 10, and maybe find 1 that you will use. That is part of the process. A good article is one that answers your question and can lead to other topics to widen your research. For this assignment, you will need anywhere for 3-5 sources.
  • Use google
    • Search term site:edu
  • Pbs.org
  • Time magazine
  • Digital history
  • Ny times
  • LA Times
  • Step 3: Organize your research. You will be using a synthesis matrix to gather and organize information from your articles.
  • Step 4: Write up your findings. Using your synthesis matrix and research, write up what you found to answer your inquiry question. This is a mini research paper. The word count is around 600-750 words or 2 ⅔ – 3 pages, typed, 12 point font. Your paper must include an intro paragraph that contextualized your topic, body paragraphs that support your thesis, and a conclusion that addresses the significance of your research.


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