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istorians use the past to examine the motives that drove people to action. By examining these past actions in historical context, historians can learn a great deal about people and teach to the present and the future.

Follow these instructions carefully: Submit your answer to this discussion and respond to two other posts on two different days. Your responses to other posts cannot be just agreement or disagreement; these responses should add to the discussion. Do not start your answer with ‘I think”. Speak with confidence! You have to post before seeing other responses to the question, and you will not have the ability to cancel or edit your responses.

Consider the following question: The US was founded on some very forward-looking and untested principles that included the right to life, liberty, and property. However, the development of the country with the institution of slavery brought these principles into sharp conflict and led to a devastating Civil War. What event or decision in US history (beginning with the end of the Revolutionary War) was most crucial in setting the nation on the course to civil war? Consider the decisions made by the leaders of the US. Do you see a critical juncture in the history of the US when the Civil War could have been prevented? You do have the benefit of hindsight in isolating critical moments in US history, but keep the order of events in history in mind. Your answers should reflect an understanding of the forces at play in the early history of the US and include historical facts to support your answer and your responses to other students’ submissions.

Follow this format:

1) The most critical event or decision in the US that set the nation on a course to Civil War was ____________________ (Be specific and limit your answer to the the years between the framing of the Constitution and 1859 – before the election of Lincoln.)

2) This is a critical turning point in US history because ………………………

3) Explain your choice with historical evidence – be specific. Organize your answer well. Include how you would do things differently, and explainhow this different course would prevent a war.

Remember: In your responses to other students’ submissions, explain why you think their plan is good one or not, or why you think the new course would work or not work? Remember that your responses to other posts must enhance the information in the discussion. Or if you really want to impress me, combine the various suggestions offered in the discussion and provide a comprehensive, multifaceted plan that is truly credible.

There is no one correct answer to this question. You will be graded on how well you can defend your answer with historical evidence. There is no word limit, so be sure that you are explaining your ideas adequately. Writing counts – so write and rewrite before you submit. This is an important part of your grade and a good chance to review much of the material in the course before you take the final.


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