I already wrote some in Chinese and Google translated into English please fix grammar . Besides these ,  please also write about the way the dear god react to human’s attack. The dear god wasn’t show

I already wrote some in Chinese and Google translated into English please fix grammar . Besides these ,  please also write about the way the dear god react to human’s attack. The dear god wasn’t showing any emotion, like a computer program, also write about the harm that human did on earth is nothing compare to the whole history of the earth thousands years ago, the nature always find a way to recover.

 This is a film about the relationship between man and nature, including endless conflicts, hatred and forgiveness, love and contradiction, and the cycle of man and nature. Joe Hisaishi’s symphony complements the film’s picture, allowing people to hear the bleak, tragic and helpless.

In order to protect the village from infringement, Ashitaka killed the mountain pig that became a demon. But because of the curse, they went to the West to find a way to save according to the guidance of the goddess. Later, he learned that there was a contradiction between people and other ethnic groups in the forest, and saved the life of the princess of the white wolf god, Princess San, and they had a different friendship. Albert and the kings destroyed the head of the mountain beast for the cooperation of forest resources, thus destroying the forest and destroying the whole nature. Ashitaka worked with the ghost princess San to recapture the skull and gave it to the mountain god. The sun shone again and the green re-covered the forest. But the last two people can only live separately because of their respective beliefs. The relationship between man and nature can no longer be more wise than this.

The goddess told Ashitaka: “No one of us can get rid of fate, but we can decide to wait for our fate or fight for self-help.” In fact, from the moment of being cursed by the demon, Ashitaka has been searching for the coexistence of humans and forests. When he came to the forest, he first met the ghost princess San, then entered his tower city and learned about the life of the people there. He defends his tower city and protects the ghost princess. He was in the middle of Abercy and the Princess of the Ghost, stopping the battle between the two and rescued the Princess of the Ghost. Although San was hostile to Ashitaka at the beginning, she was moved by the sincerity and courage of Ashitaka. Ashitaka was too wounded by the gun, and San decided to take him to the forest to save the mountain beast. Ashitaka said to San that the opening statement “You are beautiful” is so pure and moving. Through the jungle, human beings are just the same walkers as other creatures, without high and low nobles, with awe of nature to follow the true dwellers of the woods. People have therefore received a natural gift.

But contradictions and conflicts are also everywhere. The contradiction between the ancient people and the progressive new people; the contradiction between the city and the tribe; the contradiction between man and nature. The loss of war is two-sided. The war leads to resentment and resentment produces evil spirits. Humans can ignore the consequences for their own greed, and even the gods dare to kill. The village where Ashitaka lives is located in the ancient mysterious East, which is totally different from the lifestyles of the West. The people there are gathered together and full of life. In order to plunder more resources, the king’s forces used ABC to kill the gods in order to gain the mysterious power of the mountain beast. And Alberti has no choice for his own tribe and people. The wild boars in the forest are determined to save themselves and save their homes. The wild boar group was killed by guns and explosives, and almost all the troops were destroyed. However, the ultimate goal of Ebersi is not to eliminate the wild boar group, but to use them as bait to find the mountain beast god and destroy it. In order to find the mountain beast gods, the Ebersi and Samurai army put on wild boar skin and painted wild boar blood to cover up their identity and follow the retreating wild boar god and San. The army surrounded the wild boar god and San and attacked them. When the angry wild boar god is about to become a demon, the mountain beast appears and overtakes the life of the wild boar god to stop the wild boar god from becoming a demon. Abbot took the opportunity to shoot the mountain beast. At the end of his life, the White Wolf God bite off one of Ebersi’s arms and then dies. The angry mountain beast absorbs all life outside the forest and the forest to retrieve his head. This is destined to be a war without a winner, and the world is thus in a darkness.

The mountain beast god can give life and take life. It is the god of death, the god of life, the god of greening, because it brings harmony, but also brings hatred and killing. Ashitaka and San Heli helped the mountain beast to recapture its head at the last minute, and the head in a tearful box. At this time, the sun rises, and the mountain beast god slams into the ground and dies, and the new life is re-covered in the moment with his own death. People can’t deny that nature has a strong ability to repair and heal, but every damage will be imprinted by time. Although the forest has returned to life, San’s crimes against human destruction of the forest remain unresolved. She said she likes Ashitak, but she can’t forgive humans. She chooses to go back to life in the forest. After Ashitak chose to live with the people in the ironworks, he promised to ride the wildebeest to see San. They bid farewell to a vast green mountain. This scene on the one hand shows the beautiful vision of love and peace, on the other hand it implies the contradiction between human beings and nature. If humans do not plunder and encroach on nature, they will not be able to secure abundant resources. Although they know that enemies with nature will be retaliated or even destroyed, continued development is still a choice that humans have to make. The problem of natural environment is by no means a solution to the ugliness of human beings.

Life is noble, nature is inviolable, and human instinct to pursue survival is the main source of conflict with other races in nature. Aberdeen is a person who protects women and vulnerable patients but is hostile to forest animals. She was used by the king’s forces to lose both to the beasts of the mountains. At the end of the film, she encouraged people: “We will start again and rebuild a beautiful home together.” It is hope that people are confused and renewed. Does rebuilding a beautiful home mean continuing to erode and plunder nature or launch a new war? This is a question of no solution because humans never stop pursuing a happy life and more development. “Don’t talk about protecting the earth. The earth has been going through so many years, and no disaster has ever been seen. It is human beings to save, and human beings to be extinct.” Human beings who pursue survival instinct, while pursuing so-called happiness and development, perhaps more Try to make the pace of human extinction slower. As the film’s author Hayao Miyazaki said: “I want to live for another 30 years, I want to see Tokyo being flooded by the sea, the high tower of NTV TV becomes an island, Manhattan becomes an underground city, green weeds take over the world.” To fear nature, to be the master in nature, not to be the master of nature.

   The elves in the forest are so cute and lovely, and the scenes they directed for Ashitaka were impressive. They are a symbol of the earth’s vitality and a special symbol of communication between nature and mankind. The natural deity never disappears, whether human development and the natural environment can achieve true coexistence, and the elf who survived may know the answer.


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