Indigenous Religions Discussion

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(at least 200 words) Indigenous religions represent the earliest efforts to understand our world and ourselves. In an article titled “Mustangs, Monists and Meaning,” Michael Shermer argues that the reason people have developed an idea of the “Soul” and an idea of separate “spiritual” and “physical” worlds is because our minds are incapable of self-perception. Basically our brains NEED an idea of an external soul in order to operate. This need has led us to create an elaborate framework of “spiritual” beliefs, including all associated religious views. After reading this article and consulting other sources on the subject, provide a post that illustrates your thoughts on the subject. You should consider the following: Could our need to believe in a separate “soul” simply be a psychological phenomenon? Can science explain the “need” for religious concepts?

Before writing on this topic, you should research the concept of the soul. Also, ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources) and that the citations are in proper MLA format

Once you have posted your response, the other students’ responses will appear. Please read over the other students’ response and then reply to at least one classmate. In your reply identify something you had not previously been aware of or something which challenges you to think differently.


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