Introduction to sports in film and literature

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You must answer numbers 1 and 2. Then select and respond to #3 or 4. In all, you will have three questions answered.

All responses should in essay format with complete sentences and paragraphs. Be sure to provide evidence and examples to support your assertions. There is no specific page requirement; write as fully and completely as possible and until you have nothing more to say for each question. When appropriate, use as many references to course ideas and course material (i.e., film, documentaries, short stories, reading excerpts, class discussion/lectures). Only use texts that have been covered or assigned. Also, try not to double up on the use of texts too much. You want to demonstrate a good awareness of multiple readings/films. Less credit will be given if you reference the same text in multiple answers.

You must answer # 1 and 2

1.How does hubris play a part in the film Eight Men Out? Compare and contrast it with another one of the texts (either from the Best American Sports Writing text or one of the examples we viewed in class). How does the hubris in this story play out in comparison (similarities or differences) to Eight Men Out?

2.Read the article “Mourning Glory” (see the link below and also under “Midterm Exam” on our ULearn page). There are aspects of this story that can connect to Joseph Campbell’s explanation of “the hero’s journey.” Analyze the journey of the Williamsport High School baseball team and highlight some (not all 12) aspects that connect to Campbell’s definition. Also, make some connections or point out differences between this journey and the journey of the U.S. Women’s World Cup Soccer Team, as shown in the film Dare to Dream (links are under “Midterm Exam” on our Ulearn page). Focus on how these two stories have similar themes but present them in different ways. Be sure to use ideas and terms from the course.


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