IS topic briefing

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IS topic briefing

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TOPIC BRIEFING – Informative Speech

In your discussion post address ALL of these questions (2pts). Number and label them so everyone knows what is what. Respond (provide constructive feedback) to at least 2 people (1pt each).

  2. PERSONAL SIGNIFICANCE – why did you choose this topic? Why does this topic matter to you? What is your expertise or background in this topic? how is this topic culturally relevant to you (remembering that our definition of culture for the pusposes of this assignment is anything that makes you who you are)?
  3. RELATE TO AUDIENCE – what might your audience already know or how might they already feel/think about this topic? how is this applicable to/ appropriate for this particular audience? How does this affect them? Why should they care? how will you relate your cultural connection to their experiences?
  4. SPECIFIC PURPOSE -Your general purpose in this speach is simply to teach/explain/demonstrate/inform. Your specific purpose should be something like (using this exact format – but feel free to change inform to describe, teach, show, explain or any other synonym of inform) “To inform my audience about (your topic) so that (why?).”
  5. SPEECH DESIGN – which informative speech design do you think best fits your specific purpose? Categorical, Sequential, or Spatial?
  6. MAIN POINTS – what are the important ideas you might want to cover based on the speech design you are considering?
  7. MESSAGE – what is your take-away? what or how do you expect them to have learned and how do you expect them to use this information?
  8. PROP/ PRESENTAIONAL AID – what is the prop or visual aid you plan to use (remember it can’t be powerpoint or slideshow, it has to be a physical object that you can interact with and integrate into your speech)? How will you integrate it into your speech?


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