Knowing how to divide a word into syllables is useful for ________. determining the correct spelling b.

One – Need help with some answers I missed, I included how I answered in the text below.

Knowing how to divide a word into syllables is useful for ________.

a. determining the correct spelling

b. helping you pronounce a word (answered wrong)

c. knowing when to divide a word at the end of a line

d. All of the above.

In order to have a complete sentence, you need a ________.

a. subject and a noun (answered wrong)

b. subject, verb, and is an independent clause

c. subject, verb, and a prepositional phrase

d. subject, verb, and a dependent clause

Identify the subject and complete verb in each of the following sentences.

A pigeon flew through the air and pecked Cheryl on the head.

a. pigeon; flew/pecked

b. Cheryl; flew

c. pigeon; pecked

d. pigeon; flew (answered wrong)

Identify each as fragment, run-on, comma splice, or sentence.

While some urban myths are the result of campfire ghost stories and tall tales, others are the

result of miscommunication.

a. fragment

b. run-on

c. comma splice (answered wrong)

d. correct sentence

Which of the following words can be either singular or plural?

a. politics

b. mumps

c. news (answered wrong)

d. mathematics

The ________ announced the opening of their new store.

a. Finches

b. Finchs

c. Finches’ (answered wrong)

d. Finch’s

Did you go to the concert with the ________?

a. Thompson’s (answered wrong)

b. Thompsons’

c. Thompsons


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