lab report for physics

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1. descriptive title of the experiment that includes the DV and IV(s), and when the experiment was conducted.

2. Include an experimental design template for each factor investigated by your group. A blank template is provided below. As many times as needed, it should be copied, pasted into your report, and filled in. Be sure to number and title the tables for easy reference later (ex. “Table 1. Experimental design plan for determining impact of mass on acceleration of car.”)

Experimental Design Template

Research Question: How does added mass impact the rotational inertia of a rotating rod?

Dependent variable (DV)

Independent variable (IV)

Control Variables (CV)

(include actual values)

Testable Hypothesis


3. Data tables and graphs for each factor investigated.

a. Put column headers with units in each table. Number and title each table for easy reference (ex. “Table 1. Data for investigating whether car mass impacts acceleration.”).

b. Label each graph axis with the appropriate variable and unit. Include error bars and add an explanatory note on the graph when the bars are too small to be seen. Include on the graph the equation for the best-fit line. Number and title each graph for easy reference (ex. “Figure 1. Graph of cart mass versus speed.”).

c. Include all measurement uncertainties and describe how these were estimated.

4. Discussion and conclusion.

a. Restate for the reader the research question being investigated in this lab.

b. Discuss how

i. … the experiment helped address this research question.

ii. … the mathematical model was developed using the experimental data/graphs.

Be sure to refer directly to the graphs in your discussion.

c. Discuss which errors (random and/or systematic) were present and what was done to reduce them (or could be done in the future to reduce them).

d. Discuss any limitations in this experiment that may impact the generalizability of your results.

e. Discuss any assumptions made.


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