Law assignment about “sexual banter” and human rights in Canada

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Natalie is a 26-year-old recently hired server. As a new member of the service team, she often finds herself the object of sexual banter on the part of the male waiters. Initially the banter seemed harmless and humour based but as time past, the comments became more personal and disturbing.

Annoyed, she finally complains to the management of the restaurant.To appease her, the management decide to rearranges the employee schedule. The new schedule now has Natalie working on the most coveted shifts while the alleged servers find themselves scheduled on the opposite shifts that are not a lucrative.Her co-workers, who have more seniority than her, are angered by the manager’s action.

You be the manager!

Knowing what you know about Human Rights in Canada:

  1. How would you have handled this situation as presented in order to avoid or limit the risk of possible legal action from both parties (Natalie and the co-workers)?
  1. Site all the Human right regulations, which may apply to this case study.
  1. Explain how as a manager of a hospitality operation you would approach this area of responsibility (human rights) in your establishment in order to avoid or limit the risk. What is your mitigation plan?

Assignment requirements:

This is a formal paper

“Sexual Banter”

  • Typed double space using (Georgia 12-point font).
  • Proper footnotes and/or quotations apply.
  • Plagiarism policies apply with all assignment (see CSI for policy information).
  • Hard copies or hand written assignment will not be accepted.
  • the words should over 300 words.
  • Any deviation from required submission will result in an “F” grade.


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