Nursing Assignment Help – Tina Jones In Shadow Health Case Study

Nursing Assignment Help – Tina Jones In Shadow Health Case Study

Interview your digital patient, Tina Jones, within Shadow Health. Document her comprehensive health history. Make sure to document pertinent abnormal and normal findings.

o Click on the Shadow Health link in the Shadow Health module to find and access the Health History assignment.

o This assignment will take you approximately 85-105 minutes to complete.

o In order to use the voice-to-text functionality in Shadow Health (not required) you will need to use the latest Chrome web browser.

o You are welcome to revisit your Shadow Health assignment as many times as you like up until the assignment due date deadline; to leave the assignment open, do not click on “Submit” until you are satisfied with your performance.

o If you accidentally submit your assignment and would like to revisit it, contact the Shadow Health support team (see below). The assignment cannot be reopened after the assignment due date.

· Complete self-reflection for this assignment help prompts to help you think more deeply about your performance in the assignment. Reflective writing develops your clinical reasoning skills as you grow and improve as a clinician, and gives your instructor insight into your learning process. The more detail and depth you provide in your responses, the more you will benefit from this activity.

· For this assignment, even though your activity and responses will be recorded in Shadow Health, in Canvas Select the “Start Entry” option below, type the word “Confirmed,” click “Save” and then “Submit” to complete the assignment.

· You will not be able to access this assignment until you have completed the orientation located in the Presentations folder for this week. Please make sure to review the assignment rubric.

Position work

A position work is a document you could present to a legislator to seek support for an issue you endorse. Present your position on a current health-care issue in a one-page work, following the assignment guidelines below. You can select your issue topic from newspapers, national news magazine articles, professional journals, or professional association literature.

Your position work should:

· Be quickly and easily understood.

· Be succinct and clear.

· Appear very professional with the legislator’s name and title on top and your name and your credentials at the bottom.

  • Condense essential information in one, single-spaced      page, excluding the title and reference list pages as hinted at

· Be written using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, and APA format.

· Clearly describe the issue that you are addressing in the opening paragraph.

  • Include 3–4 bullet points regarding why you are seeking      the legislator’s vote, support, or opposition. Bullet points should be      clear and concise but not repetitive and should reflect current literature      that substantiates your position and use

· Summarize the implications for the nursing profession and/or patients.

· Conclude with two recommendations that you wish to see happen related to your issue, such as a vote for or against, a change in policy, or the introduction of new legislation.

· Use current APA Style, correct grammar, and references as appropriate.

The literature you cite must be from peer-reviewed journals and primary source information.

  • Principles of management ..
  • Address the following discussion question, Pg. 166, Discussion      Topic #1. It begins: “A company that makes and sells EPA-certified…”
  • The expectation is that you will be able to do a thorough      analysis of the issues and values involved and explain why you would      take the approach you decided is appropriate answers at Part of a      thorough analysis is to acknowledge opposing ideas. Provide concrete      examples. Be sure to read the General Discussion Posts on Addressing Issues      of Ethics and Values.

A company that makes and sells EPA-certified pesticides in the United States has received an inquiry from a farm supply distributor in another country. This distributor is interested in buying pesticides that have been banned in the United States but not in the other country. The U.S. company has the capability of manufacturing and packaging the banned pesticide. Is it moral for the company to produce and sell this banned pesticide to the distributor in the other country?

A. Yes.

B. No.


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