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I have attached the required assignment which deal with Toni Morrison Biography Review, Interview with Morrison  and two reviews about the The Bluest Eye. This must be conducted utilizing an Analyze A Text.

OF POGIL | X Recitat XInterm/webapps/blackboard/execute/announcement?method=search&context=course_entry&course_id=_1210568_18thandle=announcements_entry&nHomeworkDirections:1. Please click on the links below and watch the brief biography video lecture on our first author, Toni Morrison, in preparation for our first novel,The Bluest Eye; and an interview with the author, Toni Morrison, regarding her motivation to write. Then, please type a half page summary and halfpage personal response to each video lecture for a total of three summaries and three personal reactions to the videos and upload on Blackboard’s"Assignment"nt" linkBiography on Toni Morrison: https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v-xxVUB4 2IUIInterview with Morrison regarding the motivation to write: http::/www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8Zgulhra2kTwo Book Reviews About The Bluest Eye:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_qdFfy4vAY&list-PLXpwX9LgKSTufU_=3U23NHN8396PPTHAhtips:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z-tZSoWkQk2. First, read "Analyze A Text" from your Norton Field Guide To Whining textbook. If you do not have the book yet, I haveattached an older edition in Course Materials. Then. Watch the video lecture on reading and writing critically for a Literary AnalysisLecture. Then, type a half page summary minimum and a half page personal response: htips:/www.youtube.com watch?v-ho_VCSizot4Directions: Please read the first chapter, "Autumn" from Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bhut Eye, which you will find anathed below and also by theStudent Resources link on Blackboard Then, type a minimum of one page summary and one half page personal reaction to the firstchapter. Make sure your assignment is typed in Standard Written English (complete sentences and avoid grammatical errors] andtry to read the chapter critically. paying attention to any literary devices used andfor literary theory could be applied to the readingPlease post your assignment in Blackboard Discussion Board and the "Assignment" link: then, respond to two of your classmate’spersonal reactions to chapter one from the novel. Please find attached below an introduction Power Point lecture to prepare you forthe novel. Thank you.Sincerely,Dr. AkamiPS. If you just enrolled in the class, I will re-open your pre-diagnostic essay exam to complete, but you must introduce yourself to Blackboard’sDiscussion Board and also to me individually at demosigparkindarD gmail.com, Have a great weekend


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