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Length: 400 – 500 Words, double-spaced.

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1. Kim Sa-ryang’s “Into the Light” (200-250 words)

Write an analysis of the following passages. First, analyze them separately and then connect your interpretation of each passage to one another.

But the next instant, I remembered that my current name was Minami, a fact that reverberated through my entire body like the peal of an electric bell. Instinctively, I scrambled to think of my usual array of excuses. But it was pointless.

At that point, in self-defense you might say, I tried to beat Yi at his own game. In that case, I argued, how the hell are you any different from the man at the oden stand who yells, “Hey everybody, I’m Korean!” the minute he gets sentimental or passionate about something. Ultimately there’s no difference between you and Yamada Haruo bawling that he’s not Korean, is there?

How sad she’d sounded when she said, I ‘m a Korean. From her perspective, maybe she took some sort of pride in being married to a mainland Japanese man and used that as her sole consolation for enduring this adversity. Actually I was hoping that she harbored intense hatred toward that Hanbei. As a fellow Korean, I wanted to revel in her righteous indignation. But boy did she turn the tables on me.

2. At the end of Lisa Nakamura’s article, she offers a close reading of Jennifer Lopez’s music video, “If You Had My Love.” First, summarize her main arguments. Then, respond to the points, concepts, and issues she raises by coming up with your own questions about her analysis of Lopez’s video. The summary part should be a bit shorter and the rest of your essay, consisting of questions, should be longer. (Total of 200-250 words) The two parts can be separated out or they can be integrated with each other. The second part should not be just simple enumeration of short questions but rather you should offer 2 or 3 longer questions where you explore a series of dimensions of an issue treated in her analysis of the video.

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