planning implementation strategy

chose any city in florida state and red the city website .

please make only 7- 8 slides powerpoint the last slide add 1. to 2 minutes video and outline

In this assignment to study an implemented planning project and identify the implementation tools and strategies used in the project. The case study also needs to identify the most important elements that make the implementation successful. The students needs to write a report to summarize these tools and strategies. The students also needs to make a multimedia presentation ( PowerPoint presentation, video, animation, or other forms of multimedia to present the findings). Students need to commentate on the multimedia products on the day of the presentation.

The course purposes

EVALUATION AND GRADING The approach to this course is to allow students the opportunity to explore implementation strategies for the class projects selected for this semester. The class projects will be classified based on some of the functional areas of planning in Natural Resources and Environmental Planning, Transportation Planning, Economic Development Planning, Urban Redevelopment Planning, and Planning for Housing. The assignments will be a combination of two individual assignments and two group assignments. In the individual assignments students will analyze specific implementation strategies based on the assignment guideline. In the group project each student will work in a group; the group submits a plan implementation case study report and develops a plan for a chosen class project applying implementation strategies (e.g. planning, legal, regulatory, economic, political, and social and community design). The implementation strategies are revealed in the following context:

1. The “object” of planning is to promote public (and private) objectives.

2. Public objectives include promoting economic development, stemming urban decline, and protection of historic, cultural, and natural resources.

3. Planners use legal, regulatory, economic, and political mechanisms and strategies to promote these objectives.

4. Regulation, incentives (and disincentives), eminent domain, public acquisition, and public spending are among the tools used in planning to achieve stated goals and objectives.

5. Plans, policies, and programs are different things.


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