Police Patrolling Research Paper

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Research Paper
The research paper will be 1300-1500 words long not including the cover, abstract, and reference pages. The paper should be in a Microsoft Word Document to this assignment using 12 pitch font and standard 1″ margins. The topic and thesis sentence must be directly related to the course (Police Patrolling)
Students will be required to use (cite and reference) our at least two (2) OER source provided in the lessons and four (4) additional scholarly references, and two of these references must be peer-reviewed journal articles from the APUS online library databases, others are you choice for a total of SIX (6). You must use citations and references for all sources. Please note that Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopedias, endnotes, ehow, etc. are not scholarly resources and will not count as references.
I am looking for critical thinking and demonstrating that you have a grasp of the criminal justice material you are researching. Do not copy and quote large sections of text verbatim, cited or uncited, from the Web or your paper will be severely penalized. See APA style on quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing as I want you to be able to summarize and paraphrase rather than quote. You must cite within the paper per APA standards. Papers submitted to previous classes or other universities are not permitted. I will allow one and only one short (one or two sentences) quote for emphasis, any other quotes will result in point deduction. I want to see your critical thinking skills on display and not a string of quotes written by published authors. So you may quote only for to emphasize a point you are making. Since this is a short college paper do not insert pictures, lists, tables or formulas.
Your analysis must include connections (not one but many connections) to our lessons. A successful paper links class concepts to the paper via APA style citations and references to our lessons and mixing other sources (for validity in writing) discussing what you learned in the class. If you do not connect what you learned in the class to your paper using at least one lesson OER source and other sources in APA style you will be penalized.
When you submit your paper into the “assignment” area as a word doc only it is processed by Turnitin for plagiarism detection.

For the Lessons 1-5 use the link then search CMRJ203 – https://apus.libguides.com/er.php


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