polishing marketing communications plan

Assignment 7.2: Deliverable — Polishing the Marketing Communications Plan


In this assignment you will polish your creative ideas on the brand’s message from the work you did in Module 5.

Most large companies spend a substantial amount of money on creating advertising campaigns that influence customer behavior. This assignment has two parts: 1) Submitting the final advertising message from Module 5; and 2) Selecting the media channel for your brand.


  1. From your creative brainstorming in Module 5, use your storyboard ideas to create your final advertisement or commercial for the marketing communications sections.
  2. As you complete your final advertising message, search online for ads or commercials from your selected company.
  3. Create this section for the final marketing plan, due in Module 8. Add the following to the plan:
    • The final advertising message with photos, illustrations, ad copy, sketches, social media pages, commercial ideas, etc.
    • Explain one feature of your ad that makes it different from its competition.
    • Explain what makes the ad persuasive and memorable for your target market?
    • Do you think this is an effective ad for your customer group? Why?
    • Select one media channel for your ad message such as a television or radio station, a social media or online site, etc.
    • Add information about the cost of buying the media, such as how much the television spot costs or the space in a print publication orwebsite.
  4. Your assignment deliverable must be three to five pages and include a minimum of three sources. Format, cite, and reference your sources in APA style.

My product is Pizza Hut and I must have this turned into me by 8:00pm Saturday. Also, for the this particular assignment, it makes reference to an assignment in Module 5. Ive attached that assignment to this post. Thank you.



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