Professional Experience 5

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Professional Experience Five

Due at the end of Week 9 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved, documented exception is provided)*In the workplace, incomplete work is not accepted. The professional experience assignments are designed to help prepare you for that environment. To earn credit, make sure you complete all elements and follow the directions exactly as written. This is a pass/fail assignment, so no partial credit is possible. Assignments that follow directions as written will be scored at a 22. Assignments that are incomplete or do not follow directions will be scored as a zero.Your Professional Experience assignment is to develop a promotional message. This can be an email, letter, info graphic, image, or any other relevant material that answers why should students take a Professional Communications course.Steps to Complete Professional Experience Five:

  1. Step One: Develop a promotional message that is no more than one page to explain why students should take a professional communications course.Step Two: Save your file to your desktop, using the following file name format: Your_Name_Wk9_PromotionExample: Ed_Buchanan_Wk9_PromotionStep Three: Submit your completed promotional message file for your instructor’s review using the Professional Experience #5 link in the Week 9 tab in Blackboard.In order to receive your points for completing this task, you must do the following:
    • Ensure your message is no more than one page.
    • Provide an effective answer to the question of why students should take a professional communication’s class.
    • Submit the file to Blackboard using the Professional Experience #5 link in the week 9 tab in Blackboard.

    This is a pass/fail assignment. All elements must be completed (simulating the workplace where incomplete work is unacceptable) for credit. You cannot receive partial credit.


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