protecting biodiversity

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Protecting Biodiversity

Abel Pena posted Jan 6, 2019 3:54 PM

Elephants among many other animals have physical features that many in the black market deem to be very valuable. For the elephants their tusk’s is an item that is widely searched for mainly because the tusk contains Ivory that is very valuable. Individuals in regions such as Africa and Asia are commonly associated with the poaching of elephants. When the individuals acquire the ivory from the tusk, they usually use it for items that are of great value. Surprisingly through my research I discovered that ivory in the tusk is used for manufacturing electronics, ivory is also used for the piano keys, another use for ivory is specialized equipment for airplanes. Besides Elephants that are being illegally poached there are ample other animals, such as tigers, and rhinos, also marine turtles. This act is something that has been progressing for years and many people have taken actions and precautions to prevent it from continuing. There are many rules and regulations that are put in place to prevent as much poaching as possible. The first regulation that was put in place was the law that prohibited any illegal activity in animal sanctuaries. This was put in place because the poaching was habitats specifically for the animals to thrive. When the conservationist and the communities took wind to what was going setting laws that put poachers accountable for their actions was the first step. Because areas such as Africa and


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