Public Deliberation as Essential Career Skills Discussion

Public Deliberation as Essential Career Skills Discussion

Before you write this 3-paragraph discussion post, consider what job you would like to have in ten years.Try and find a job ad that comes as close as possible to the job you are considering. Next, try and find a job that you would like when you graduate. Make sure the job is giving you the experience you need to get the job you want in ten years. Copy and paste each job ad into the discussion board. You can also take a picture of it and attach it that way.

Now, you will write about these job ads and your reading this week (Carcasson). In this week’s reading,Carcasson defines wicked problems. In your first paragraph, define and explain the concept of wicked problems (make sure to cite and quote the article). In this same paragraph, illustrate a wicked problem from your own life or from something you read about recently. Make sure you explain how your example illustrates the different components of a wicked problem.

In your next paragraph, describe the skill sets that Carcasson explains that communication majors develop in their curriculum that give them a head start as leaders who are able to address difficult problems with diverse groups (making sure to quote/cite his article in your post). In this same paragraph,list the classes you have taken (even if you are not a communication major) that you believe will help you in this course. Additionally, explain two concepts from any of your other courses that you think inform your ability to help address challenging issues with diverse groups.

In your final paragraph, take a look at the job ads you are posting and consider the following additional questions:

(1) Why would you need to work with others to solve problems in the career you found in your ten-year job ad? (For example, would you need ways to motivate people to work together as a team? Why? Or, would you need ways to get input from people you work with?)

(2) In light of the online lecture you watched “Public Deliberation: Essential Career Skills,” how are dialogue and deliberation skills important to either of the job ads you posted?

These ar the classes I have taken so far:

Communication in Healthcare

Medical terminology

Health communication


Patient provider communication

Principles of epidemiology



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