Research Assignment 1 Empires in the New World

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Part I:

This assignment will ask you to do a few things:

Read/Analyze a set of primary sources, including art works, first-hand accounts, and letters, related to the historical period of Spanish and Portuguese expansion

C. Analyze sources and explain how they support a thesis statement.

Create a thesis statement that appropriately responds to the sources provided

Part II:

Taking a look at empires and global trading networks during a period of imperial expansion. How do the sources yield information about empires, and what they pursued in the New World. Please explain if the images and documents provided yield a sufficient account of what the experience was like for both natives and European exploration and conquest.

Thinking Hypothetically: If you feel that you could use or integrate another primary source(s) to get a better understanding of this cultural exchange, what kind of sources would you be looking for?

Documents to read/View:

Research Assignment 1 Powerpoint

Columbus Scan A

A Spanish Account of the First Encounter

Aztec Account of the First Encounter

Columbus Scan B

Letter from Christopher Columbus to King Ferdinand of Spain

Your written responses should be at least 300-400 words.

***Please reference any of the sources you use to get credit for this assignment (e.g. Columbus Letter to King of Spain, Slide 4, Aztec Account of First Encounter)***


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